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  • Waiting for True Hunger

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    Gwen Shamblin discusses in this episode how to truly wait for hunger. Joined by Tedd and Candace Anger, Gwen answers questions on everything from stomach growls to diet drinks.
  • How to Stop When Full

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    Join Gwen Shamblin and others as she discusses the Weigh Down approach on how to stop when you are full. She also interviews Carmen Tedder and Joe Walston – both of whom have lost over 100 pounds each!
  • How to Conquer Nighttime Eating

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    Join Gwen Shamblin as she discusses the Weigh Down approach to conquering nighttime eating. She also interviews Jill Smith, who lost almost 90 pounds through Weigh Down and kept it off.
  • Giving God Your Wait

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    Join hosts Tedd and Candace Anger talk about Giving God Your Wait. Also watch Marc and Tish Dunn share their stories of weight loss and waiting on God.
  • Overcoming Bingeing on Sweets

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    In this episode, Gwen answers questions from viewers on eating sweets. Testimony Carmen Snider shares how she lost 70 pounds of excess weight and overcame the desire to overeat sweets, all through Weigh Down Ministries.
  • Getting Off the Fence

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    After watching this video, you will have a clear picture of what it looks like to be sitting on the fence and what the fence really is.
  • The Transfer

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    Do you feel hopeless or like a failure on your weight loss journey? This episode will give you the hope and direction you need in order to end dieting and lose weight permanently.
  • The Positive Effects of Weigh Down on Health

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    Poor lifestyle choices are the key factor behind many devastating illnesses and early death. The problem for most people is: HOW do you make a real change and make it stick?