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Miley Barcus, Member Since 2003

Miley Barcus FamilyWhat an amazing life this is! My entire perspective and life have been changed for the better by putting the principles taught by WeighDown and the Remnant into practice. I struggled for many years with bulimia, anxiety, depression and overexercise. I was a nagging wife and often struggled with insomnia. Over the years, I sought help from counselors, personal trainers, countless weight loss programs, 12 step programs... and even spent 8 months attending an outpatient treatment for eating disorders in desperate search for answers. Through all of this, I was told that my struggles were due to a disease, that I would never be able to eat normal foods - especially chocolate or sweets, as they were "trigger foods" for my brain. I was also told that I would always have to attend 12 step programs and that I would always struggle on some level for the rest of my life.

Convinced that there had to be more to life and that this couldn't really be "the good news of Jesus Christ," I finally cried out to God and asked Him for help. Where was the "truth that would set me free?" Literally within 2 days, I met someone who worked at WeighDown and learned more about this revolutionary faith based program that was setting thousands free. I immediately signed up for a class!

For the first time, I learned that the problem was that I was running to food, exercise, and worldly concerns instead of bowing to God to fill my empty heart. I began to eat "normal food" for the first time in many years as my relationship with God got stronger and stronger by turning to Him to fill my empty longing heart. This was the beginning of the most beautiful life change. Not only did I permanently lose my excess weight (without relying on strenuous, overexercise), I found an amazing, ongoing, life giving relationship with God that vastly improved every aspect of my marriage, my friendships, my job. I became completely set FREE!

This all was really just the beginning. Every year gets better and better — full of answered prayers and more joy...including a peaceful, wonderful marriage and two very prayed for, miracle children. Through these teachings, I have found a true connection to God that is so life giving. I am forever grateful to Gwen Shamblin and all of the leaders who continue to lay down their lives for the hurting. I hope you will come and experience for yourself what God is doing through the Remnant!

To see more of Miley’s story, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Recipes for Weight Loss” – You Can Overcome Season 1 Episode 5