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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
Click HERE for more information on our plan for a safe, phased reopening.


Part of what makes the Remnant Fellowship a beautiful place lies in the generosity of the members themselves.  This isn’t just a Church that the members “attend occasionally.”  It is a vibrant community of love and selflessness.  Because all of us have changed so much for the better, have become physically healthy again, enjoyed restored marriages, improved our finances, and so much more, we want to pass along what has been done for us to the new members as they find this church. Managing the financial decisions of a Church with 1,800 members (and growing) takes time, financial wisdom, and a charitable mindset.  Yes, we have monthly budgeted expenses and bills like any organization, but our financial resources and this Committee’s work go so much further than that.  Listed below is just a SAMPLE of what this Church’s money and time, with recommendations from this Committee, goes towards for its members:

  • Prison Ministry Resources and Materials for incarcerated men and women who have given their lives to God while behind bars
  • Clothing and Money for Clothing
  • Food and Beverages
  • Fuel Gift Cards
  • Travel Expenses
  • Free Housing for Visiting Church Members (those visiting our main location in Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Cash Loans for a Variety of Needs
  • Construction Services
  • Scholarships for Ministry Materials and Services
  • Cash Gifts for a Variety of Needs
  • Educational Expenses
  • Holiday Gifts and Meals
  • Wedding Expenses and Services
  • Health-Related Expenses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Job-Seeking and Training Assistance
  • Vehicle Loaning
  • Volunteer Childcare
  • And MUCH MORE!

Whether these needs are met with actual checks being written or with the goods and services provided, it takes a team of caring, intelligent, hard-working men and women to oversee the distribution of all of it. That list has grown over the years as our membership has grown, and these steering decisions, advisory details, and administrative duties are reflected in THREE committees – as listed below:


  • Gwen Shamblin
  • Michael Shamblin
  • Elle Shamblin
  • Brandon Hannah
  • Elizabeth Hannah
  • David Martin
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Patrick Stites
  • Amy Stites
  • Tedd Anger
  • Chris Ancona
  • Chris Boerman
  • Helen Boerman
  • David Leaman
  • Durville Patton
  • Eldon Gormsen
  • Jonathan Walters
  • Jessica Walters
  • Joseph Langsdon
  • Kent Smith
  • Todd Kubiak
  • Rusty Henry
  • Marc Dunn
  • Mark Jost
  • Rob Day


  • Larry Sims
  • Al Voorhis
  • Kent Smith
  • Patrick Stites
  • Tedd Anger
  • Mark Jost
  • Rob Day
  • Cliff Peters
  • Karen Perera
  • Chris Ancona
  • Eldon Gormsen
  • Gwen Shamblin
  • Greg MacPherson
  • Jim Blair
  • Clark Buchi
  • Diane Clifford
  • Chris Boerman
  • Jerry Roth
  • Mark VanderMalle


  • Kent Smith
  • Eldon Gormsen
  • Jessica Walters
  • Cindy Blair
  • Cary Powers

We are very grateful for the services that these men and women provide, and our Church is blessed all the more for their time and efforts!