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Maddie Kurtz, Member Since 2001

Maddie KurtzHi, my name is Maddie Kurtz and I’m 16 and I’ve lost 45 lbs. Although I was raised in this message since I was 5, when I got to middle school I found myself rapidly gaining weight. Even with the usual awkwardness that one is expected to feel in middle school, I felt extremely self-focused about my body and that in turn gave me crippling shyness and a near paranoia of social interaction. I felt alone and depressed, and that transferred to disobedience to my parents and teachers. My grades were suffering because I didn’t apply myself and wasn’t trying to pretend I cared about school anymore.

It got to the point where I was 170 lbs, absolutely miserable, and completely isolating myself from others. Something had to change. My parents took me out of school for my 8th grade year and homeschooled me. That year was one of the hardest, most transformative of my life. I was given not only absolute responsibility for my own education, but I was also given responsibility over others. I had to take personal responsibility for my own actions because now I had to be an example to others. I guess that’s when I started to loose the weight. I put the principals that I had known since I was 5 into practice. I only ate when I was hungry, and stopped when I was full. I did the simplest, most basic lesson that Gwen Shamblin has taught through Weigh Down from the beginning and I lost 45 pounds.

But the physical changes were minor compared to the spiritual ones. I got a relationship with God, something I had had when I was a child, but had lost in adolescence. I learned I could get my prayers answered, that I could turn to God with all my problems and insecurities. Having this connection with God is the greatest thing ever, so that I can pray for a good attitude and to have self control. Because I gave up my will and obeyed God, I have been so blessed by him. I have come out of my shell, strengthening bonds with my old friends and making new ones. My grades have been blessed because now I am under my teacher’s authority. I am a million times happier and my relationship with God is strong. If I can do it, then you can do it too!

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