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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
Click HERE for more information on our plan for a safe, phased reopening.

  • Dedicated to Never Going Back

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    Gwen shares what it means to be dedicated to God and gives practical ways to overcome bad habits and fill up on God. This displacement is visually demonstrated using oil and vinegar to show how we can replace what is currently in our hearts with a new heart devoted to God.
  • God's Voice

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    Can you really lose all your weight and keep it off permanently? Yes! This episode will tell you how. You will meet two women who struggled with their weight and trying to control it with dieting and bulimia until they finally made a choice, set their minds, and went all the way in giving up control and obeying God’s voice and His perfect design of hunger and fullness completely.
  • Resolve to Change

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    You can lose weight permanently and end any addictions by following the basic principles of Weigh Down Ministries. In this episode, you will meet two men who have both made a conscious effort to change for the better once and for all, and because of that they are making an impact on the world.