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Michael Ormaza, Member Since 2005

The story I want to share with you is about my completely changed life that began changing when I found Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church in 2004—my freshman year in college. Words can barely explain the pain and misery I was in, not to mention the out-of- control lifestyle I lived full of greed in all forms: greed for food, greed for alcohol, lust in my heart and very materialistic. I was very spoiled as a child and up through my young adulthood. I was taught from a very young age that if you want something, you go and get it--no matter if you have the money for it at the time or not, instant gratification. As I got older and didn’t have my parents to buy me what I wanted, I found myself using credit cards to buy what I wanted and then I wouldn’t pay them; I was basically robbing. I ruined my credit, amassed much debt and didn’t have a penny to my name. Enslaved to my sensual, sinful desires, coupled with being in debt and broke brought me to an all-time low in my life. I cried out to God for help since I had nowhere else to turn. Through a dear friend, I found Weigh Down and began learning that I could overcome my flesh with God’s Spirit by choosing to do God’s will with every decision I made. This was revolutionary and I had never in my whole life been told that I was actually capable of following the lead of God with every choice I made and then take the thoughts captive that weren’t pleasing to God and make them obedient. My life started improving in every way so quickly and I couldn’t believe how many answered prayers I was getting on a daily basis. For the first time in my life I felt true peace in my heart and was communicating with God and then he would answer back through signs and answered prayers. My life started healing in every aspect that was decaying due to the overwhelming sin I was committing. My mind was getting cleaned up, I was gaining self-control, I stopped drinking (I was underage), lost 30 pounds and stopped spending money I didn’t have on things I didn’t need. Since I had been so irresponsible and greedy with money, I was in deep in debt for my age. I was blessed to marry a Godly wife who I met at Remnant, and I was the one that brought all of the financial baggage into our marriage. Convicted by God to pay what I owed and by putting into practice what I was learning at the Remnant, my wife and I began paying down my debt (now ours). I had gotten an entry-level sales job and my wife was an administrative assistant. We didn’t have very much extra money, but we were so happy and every month we would happily send the payments to our debt—all the while we did not hold back from tithing to God’s church and honoring his Holy Days.

Well, 18 months after we were married we were able to pay off $38,000.00 of debt. To this day, my wife and I have no idea how in the world we were able to pay off that much debt since the numbers didn’t add up from our salaries. Since then God has more than tripled my salary and the blessings haven’t stopped coming in. The irony is that the less I care about money and the more I give it away the more God gives back—it’s amazing. I’ve learned at the Remnant that you cannot out give God. My wife and I are now debt free and make purchases as God leads—not grabbing for what we want; this has led to complete peace in our finances and we don’t worry or feel like we do not have enough money. I would not trade this life for anything in the world and I know that if I had not found this message, bankruptcy would be the least of my troubles; I would have continued in a life dedicated to my own selfish sensual, sinful desires that would have dragged me under and eventually killed me. I praise God for the wisdom in the leadership at The Remnant Fellowship Church who taught me self-control and fiscal responsibility. I look forward to the years to come without fear or anxiety.

You can watch more of Michael’s story and hear practical advice on how you, too, can get out of debt, listen to this audio: Abandon Ship.