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Brenda Meyer, Member Since 2003
Brenda Meyer

Hi my name is Brenda Meyer and I come from a background of sexual, physical and emotional abuse starting at the age of 4. My whole life had been a mess, but what made it even worse was that to look at me on the outside you wouldn't have known it. Sound familiar to any of you? The outside package was held together pretty well and was functional, but the inside was full of hatred, anger, rage, jealousy, self-hatred, greed, low self-esteem, 20 years of being a semi-functioning alcoholic until the later stages which included black-outs and memory loss, a heart full of unforgiveness, self-focus, depression, constant state of neediness and wanting, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self-pity, manipulation, phony hypocritical liar, lust, cigarette addiction, deadly fear of the dark, fear of people, a constant daily buzzing noise in my ears and tightness in my head, escapism into a fantasy world, loneliness, and constant internal turmoil. There wasn't a single area of my life that wasn't a mess - terrible marriage, terrible parent, in debt and overweight!

It has only been through the teachings of The Weigh Down Ministry that I have, for the first time in my life starting at the age of 46, experienced the emotions of peace, joy, happiness and love - with an added benefit of 70+lbs of permanent weight lost. Remnant Fellowship Church has been pivotal in pointing me to God and teaching how to have a genuine, personal relationship with Him. I have also learned another invaluable Truth that nothing that happened to me in my past is an excuse for staying in sin!!! My many attempts at solving my weight problem included trying every diet known to mankind: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Tony Powers, grapefruit, Atkins, Fen/fen, Slim-fast, tuna, low-fat/no-fats, health food, all manner of herbal concoctions, diet of the month, exercise and so much more. Whatever the latest diet anyone else was trying or was on the current magazine rack. I guess you get the idea! Once again, for the emotional problems, I tried it all: counseling, self-help books, seminars, western religion, suppression, climbing into an alcohol bottle and moving to a new state every two years to escape the chaos my choices in life produced. As a last resort, at the birth of my son, and for the first time in my life, I turned to Church/Religion.

I got caught up in the Faith/Prosperity message which only taught me increased greed and lust for "More" and did nothing to identify any sin in my life or heart. I did use Jesus like a drug. I got high on Sunday but by Monday things were pretty much back to normal. After about 5 years of calling myself a Christian, I was in worse shape than when I wasn’t!! Needless to say none of these methods worked! But starting in 2003 and only after less than one year of applying the principles taught by Weigh Down, I became a much better parent, my marriage is better, we're working on the debt and the majority of the emotional stuff is either gone or actively being laid down. Simply put - positive change is occurring in my life daily. Because only the “truth will set you free" and "you'll know them by their fruit." Please stop just enduring a hidden painful life and being overweight - learn how God wants you to live!!!! I beg you; don't let anything or anyone stop you! There is help and hope with The True God if you don't give up or quit. This is the Answer you have been searching for…you've found it!!!! I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that this testimony reaches and helps those who desperately need Salvation - like I did and DO!!!


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