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Heather Higgins, Member Since 2002
Higgins Family

Life before this message for me was miserable! I was overweight, depressed, angry, and would do just about anything for friends and yet was completely defiant to my parents. No one wanted to be around me! I hated authority and I was so selfish that I didn't want to get married and I most definitely didn't want children! All I could do was think about myself! Since joining Remnant Fellowship in 2002 (at the age of 19), my life has completely CHANGED!! Through not focusing on food I have lost 50lbs and have gained a beautiful relationship with God! I stopped worrying about myself and put my thoughts on what I could do for God and others and I found happiness and JOY!! I traded in anger for patience and love. God has given me a wonderful husband who puts God first in our marriage and 3 beautiful children who get to be trained up in this message from birth! I love finding out their needs and taking care of them! My home is filled with peace! I love to get the godly advice of my husband, parents and church leaders! Oh and an added bonus: The weight from my pregnancies came off!! I never have to worry about going back to what I use to be! All of this would never have happened if I hadn't heard the message taught at Remnant Fellowship Church! This fellowship is the REAL DEAL! I praise God for this message and I am so thankful to God and this leadership for helping me to find this CHANGED life!

To find out more about how you can let go of selfish worries and be happy, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “How to be Happy” – You Can Overcome – Season 2 – Episode 23.