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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
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Jonathan Hagans, Member Since 2002

Hagans FamilyHi, my name is Jonathan Hagans. I'm excited to share with you all the things God has done for my family through the Remnant Fellowship Church!

I joined the church when I was 14 with my mother, but my life had already been plenty messed up by then. Prior to Remnant, I had huge anger issues.... my whole family did. It all boils down to being prideful, which is exactly what God commands us NOT to be as it is the opposite of humble and Jesus Christ. My anger and pride got me into a lot of trouble as I would often get into physical fights at school, at home, and even at my old church! Out to prove something, I was used to being at the principal’s office, in detention or having meetings with the church youth leaders, but they didn't know what to say because they all had their own issues. At home I would always be fighting with my brothers so much that my mom had to call the cops on us. The house constantly had holes in the walls with occasional broken windows. On top of all that, I stole things and broke into houses. Also, as a teenager, I was awakened to lustful feelings. Thankfully, God saved me from ever going too far with that. So, there I was.... chin-deep into sin. When my mom and I came to Remnant Fellowship, it was the beginning of a new life for me, a changed life. Though, I wasn't exactly excited about going to yet ANOTHER church from the start, but my mom pulled me with her and I am grateful that she did!

Slowly, I started to see the difference in what was being taught at Remnant compared to everything else I've heard in my life. We learned how to read the Bible and do what it says! Other churches would only take bits and pieces of the Bible to convey the message that THEY wanted, which involved a justification to their/our sins. However, God, Jesus, and the Bible teach that we are not to be slaves to sin but are to walk in the path of the Son of God. I had never heard this before Remnant Fellowship. Once in Remnant, I started noticing my mom change. She became happier, more prayerful, and selfless with no anger and no greed.Jonathan Hagans Everyone in the church was that way. I knew they were doing something right. This is when I started to see my own sins... and regret set in. I had been defiant to God with my sins, yet I expected Him to still accept me into Heaven. I believed in God all my life and occasionally questioned why we could sin, say a prayer and still be allowed into Heaven, which was preached at previous churches, but then for the first time I realized the truth: We were never meant to be in sin. That's when I decided that I needed to change.... QUICK! God was merciful to allow me to hear this truth and give me the chance to work on my life. I was in the Word more and worked on any deliberate sin (pride, anger, lust, greed for money, food, attention, etc.) and decided to dedicate my every thought/action to God. From then on I have had so many blessings from God that I could never deny that this was the right path. A righteous wife, a beautiful child, a sweet family, true friends, financially blessed, prayers answered and God taking care of our every need! The best part though, is the peace. Peace that God is pleased with you and to no longer receive the repercussions of sins. God is the answer and Remnant Fellowship is living it out!

To learn how to be free from anger, you will not want to miss the Focus Up package on how to change your perspective and have consistent peace and joy!