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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
Click HERE for more information on our plan for a safe, phased reopening.

Monica Weaver, Member Since 2001
Weaver Family

This Church is DIFFERENT! For as long as I can remember I have been going to church. My earliest years were spent in a Catholic Church and School. I remember going to confession as a class and thinking, "Why can't I just go to God directly with all this stuff?" My mother got "saved" when I was in elementary school and so began our church hopping. I've seen it all, Christian, Missionary Alliance, Pentecostal, Baptist, Non-Denominational, Methodist, you name it I've probably visited it at one time or another. I went to a Baptist college and continued to church hop. My roommate and I would much rather go hiking on a beautiful Sunday morning than sit in a stuffy church just because we had to write it down on our church report. Oddly enough, I always felt much closer to God on those walks than I ever did sitting on a pew trying to focus and pay attention. Whenever I went looking for a church my main goal was to find one with people my age and good music. If the pastor was decent that was just a bonus, but definitely not one that I really focused on. When I finally thought I found a home it was at a church where there were several people that I went to college with, the music was upbeat and modern, there was a large choir I could join, I taught Sunday school, you name it I participated in as much as I could. Was I changing? Absolutely not! I was never a "bad girl" in the world’s eyes; no smoking, drinking, partying, etc., but what I was doing was even uglier. I was lying, prideful, angry, not honoring my parents in the least bit, greedy for food, controlling, selfish and all those things in the heart that people say you just can't get rid of.

It wasn't until my Mom and Dad started meeting in their living room listening to a service in far away Nashville that I found a home in a church and my heart REALLY started to change. We had found a church called Remnant Fellowship that was based out of Nashville, TN. We were able to conference call in to the services from our home in Ohio. It was in this church that I really learned what it meant to have a fear of God and to TRULY love Him. It was in this church that I learned how to honor my parents. It was in this church that I was taught how to get rid of greed, praise of man, pride and anger and to turn that all into a love for God. It is only in this church that I have learned to really die to myself and live for God's will ONLY! It is in this church that the people in leadership love me enough to tell me the TRUTH that I can and must stop sinning, and not just say you're okay and you'll never stop sinning. This Remnant Fellowship is a true church of change and of love. I've never been at a church where they don't ask you for money or pass a basket during communion. I've never been at a church where the people were the same outside the building as they were inside during the service. In fact, in most churches the people would practically run out of service to go out to eat or go watch the football games. At this church, we LOVE being with each other. It is the same spirit of God that brings us together and allows us to worship and fellowship and not worry about time. It is truly Heaven on Earth!! I can't imagine, nor do I want to imagine worshipping or being anywhere else!
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