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Naomi Howell, Member Since 2008

Naomi HowellIn February 2008 I took my first Weigh Down Class. I did not know at the time what an amazing and life-changing opportunity I was just given, but I reluctantly took the class to appease my mother. I think back to that time and my life was the type that looked good on paper. I was a “happy”, educated, single, well-traveled individual who had friends all over the world and had lived in and experienced a lot of different places. However, if one looked closely, my life was a mess. I was an emotional rollercoaster, who manipulated every friend I had. I only moved so many different times because I hated commitment, I was empty and felt everyone else was to blame. I was full of pride, anger, hate and greed. Yuck. From around December 2007 up until February 2008 I would call my mom almost two to three times a week and tell her how much I “hated” or didn’t get along with the people around me. I would say, “if only they would” then things would be easier and we could be friends without this drama.

My amazing mom would always sweetly suggest that I take a Weigh Down Class. I remember telling her I don’t have any weight to lose, why would I take a weigh down class. My mom would sweetly say, “It’s so much more than the weight. I’m telling you, it’s just what you need.” So I called Weigh Down and joined a class. I was blown away by the information I was hearing. It was the first time in my life where I heard that I could be set FREE from these fruits of the sinful nature and not only that I could be, but actually given the literal "How Tos". Through Weigh Down I got to learn that I was created to love, and right now I loved the wrong things, but the great thing was that I could transfer ALL that love over to loving God!!! I COULD love God more than the food, the anger, the pride, the job, the title, the reputation etc. WOW!!! Through Weigh Down the Bible came alive to me for the first time. I had read the Bible several times over, but it was the first time that it ALL made sense!!! My eyes were open to see that I did have greed for food and I didn’t have to count calories or exercise to lose the weight. When I applied the Weigh Down Principles of the growl being my only queue to eat, eating what my body was calling for, and making sure I stopped when I was full. When I was not hungry but wanted to eat, I could run to God’s word instead. I lost over fifty pounds and have kept it off since 2008 – even through getting married and having a baby! Through Weigh Down I have also learned that it is ME that needs to change. Once I started changing it was the coolest thing – for the first time in my life my environment, my job and my friends all stayed the same and yet I became happy and full of life - even when no one was around!!!  I am changing and growing more in love with God each year and less in love with the things of this world. I will be forever thankful to God for Weigh Down and to Gwen Shamblin and the weigh down staff who live out the truth of God’s word in their lives daily!!

To hear more of Naomi’s story, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – You Can Overcome - “How to Lay Down Anger”