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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
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Durville Patton, Member since 2005

I, like most of society, had always looked for ways to be accepted. These empty feelings led me to behaviors that were quickly inviting the wrath of God on a daily basis. I started using drugs in my 20's. Not only did illegal drugs have a hold of my mind, it also had a hold of my finances, the way that I conducted myself, the relationships I was engaged in, the way I dressed, my grades in college, my views on life, my ambitions in life, my family, and ultimately it affected the way I viewed and disrespected the God of the Universe. This, “everyone owes me and look at me” attitude, while high on drugs, led me down a life of pain, humiliation, anger, and guilt. I believe it caused me to have no feelings in dealing with people even in my own family. It hardened my heart to reality because the lie was, “Everyone understands how you feel and what you are going through. You need to take care of you.” Well, the taking care of me was almost the end of me....drug use and abusing what God has created, landed me in jail, it led me to very unhealthy relationships with women and my family, and it inspired a lack of taking responsibility (abortions, bankruptcy, losing jobs, being kicked out of places of residency, leaving me with a broken down body both physically and mentally). I could definitely expound on the life before Remnant but I KNOW that this new life has helped me not forget the old life but appreciate the MERCY I was shown in my darkest days on earth. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I finally got to the end of my rope and cried out for some help from these addictions. God rescued me through the teaching of the Remnant Fellowship Church. I did a very hard thing....I left the mainstream church for a Remnant of believers (totally obedient to God) and was exposed to how to really become a Christian for the 1st time in my life! Praise God!!!

I lived a lie for 30 years before facing the mirror, knowing the man who needed to change was me, and humbling myself before God and man. I now have a true purpose! My mind is sober and focused on doing the will of God every day. I have been taught that God owes me nothing and that man owes me nothing so that I can finally live in a state of humility. I have learned to die to the calling of drugs and tune in to a high that surpasses understanding...a relationship with more do I run to a drug dealer in efforts to find worldly pleasures, no longer do I need women to fill up the love that I felt I needed from people, I have laid down my old life with its selfish desires and have picked up a new life of sacrificing my life and my desires to house the spirit of God and not the spirit of Durville. In the past, I have supported many ungodly groups, friendships, campaigns, TV shows, athletes, celebrities, musicians, and family members, etc. who all were directly or indirectly leading me to hell, misery, self, pride, and pain.  Now, with a life lead by the Spirit, I fully back up the message God has given Remnant Fellowship Church! It is a message of Power, Praise, Refinement, Love, Answers, Training, Redirection, Hope, How to Overcome ALL Rebellion to God, and a message Aimed to Please God and not man. This revolutionary Teaching and Movement has not only helped me smash my drug addiction for more than 10 years, it has set me FREE from the praise and fear of man that led me into a misdirected life many years ago. God be praised for a church that hasn't passed around a collection plate the entire 8 years I've attended, a church that upholds accountability, a church that has leaders who care for the soul of man and not what man has, a church that is spirit led, a church that teaches and lives out the bible....I feel like I hit the jackpot! I am not only happily married to my beautiful wife, but I have hope for the children God has given back to me. I am a grateful man, knowing that God did not have to choose me to hear this truth, now that he has....he has become my addiction and high....May he be praised forevermore for his WORD, his Amazing SON, and for the message of how to submit your will / stubbornness over to God, and the rewards / blessings for passing tests and being different are unspeakable. Now that I have a passion to do what is right, I no longer need man's acceptance, God is with the Righteousness!(those who do what is right in God's eyes). I praise God for this second life that has been birthed from the teachings of the Remnant Fellowship Church! I love God!

To hear more of Durville’s story and learn how you, too, can be set free, watch You Can Overcome – How to Live by the Spirit