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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
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Luke Higgins, Member since 2002
Higgins Family

Before I ever heard the truth that is told in Remnant Fellowship, I was a very selfish person looking only for whatever I could do to make me happy. I could not comprehend how to be unselfish or to look at situations from someone else's point of view. But all that energy I put into finding the next "good feeling" left me very empty. I wanted my life to change but I didn't know how to make that happen.

In 2001 I was 23 years old and a recent college dropout.  I tried to fill my time with something useful, but I would usually just play video games. While at work I would daydream about what I was going to do after work. I don't even know what my bosses thought of me, but it probably wasn't good. After work I’d go to a friend's house where I would get high and play games until 2 in the morning. On the weekends we went to clubs and got drunk. I treated women horribly and my heart was filled with lust. I was always looking for more of everything. Like I said, I was not "filled up" with the things I was doing. I was miserable and wanted something different.

Praise God He heard my cries for help! In March of 2002 I was invited by my parents to their house for a Remnant Fellowship worship service. I knew I had nothing better to do and felt it was an opportunity to change my life. Over the next few months I heard words I had never heard before. I heard that what you think about and what you long for are what you love. I also learned that God wants your heart and wants to bless you for doing what He wants. When I ran after the things of the world that I thought I loved, Luke Higgins with childrenI was giving my energy to a god that couldn't give back. I left church that first day looking back on my life and thinking, "All those times I felt like life was pointless, hopeless, or I was depressed were times that God was trying to show me that only HE can fill me with joy, hope and purpose.” I also left knowing that I had to clean up my life according to God's standards and not according to my own. I laid down everything I had been convicted of, and the blessings came immediately. I went back to college after having left the year before because of grades, and I graduated.

I moved from the chilly weather of Ohio to sunny Nashville, TN and have a great job. I know what my bosses think of me and it's good. I have a beautiful wife who focuses on God's will, which is such a relief compared to how it used to be. We have three children that are precious and we get to teach them how good God is. Our finances are restored from large amounts of credit card debt. Life is meaningful, hopeful and wonderful!!! All these things were desires deep in my heart that were seemingly unattainable in my old life. And they would have been if I had continued trying things my way. But God is good and gave back one-hundredfold! Praise God for changed lives. He is an amazing Creator of this whole world and, knowing the Truth, I am honored to be a part of it. I live for God alone!

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