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Michael Hagans, Member since 2004
Michael Hagans Family

I used to always get together with my friends, and all we would do was drugs; I needed to get "high" every second of the day. I got to the point where I would crawl on my hands and knees around the corners of my room looking for little pieces of marijuana to smoke when I didn't have any. So, I had a god but this god was not THE GOD that was really worth living for. One time I over-dosed, and found myself in a tub for several hours praying to GOD! God was merciful enough to spare me…

Later, I felt that my immune system was low from the drug use, and I became a "germ freak" - afraid to touch anything, washing my hands, etc…

I also pursued money, had tons of pride, I was into lust; you could say I LIVED for it. There were holes in walls from anger issues… My life was crumbling to pieces and I had no idea.

I always wanted a relationship with God down deep. My mother visited SEVERAL churches and dragged the kids with her. Nothing was different there though; the kids in the church were the same as the kids outside the church and into the same things I was. But, eventually she found Remnant Fellowship, which was an incredible church where the conviction was continually coming to get AWAY from those things for our good,  and the blessings followed... Unfortunately, at the time I was so steeped into sin, and all these things I was into and surrounded myself with, I just wasn’t interested in laying any of it down. I was very arrogant about it. God had to humble me big time and in fear I listened… which ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made!

Michael Hagans

It’s now been 8 years since I've joined the church and from the start my health skyrocketed after laying down smoking, I get along great with my parents now, I have a job because I’m no longer lazy (imagine that) it’s all too good to be true honestly. After all I have done to God and how I forfeited the grace that could have been mine, God did NOT have to but He was very merciful in giving me another chance. Best of all are the keys Remnant Fellowship and its Leadership have given me to continue the peace and the joy I've found. When difficult scenarios do come up, I can go to God to work through an issue or talk with the leaders at the church instead of blasting my anger at people. God ALWAYS comes through… He was there all along; it’s just up to me to ask Him for the help! Remnant has introduced a whole new lifestyle to me, truly reborn like the scripture says. I've had the opportunity to be a totally different person and I’m grateful to God everyday for what He’s done. There is nowhere else I would rather be.


For more information on how to lay down smoking and drug use, watch Remnant Fellowship TV Presents – Overcoming Addictions