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Christine Zinzilieta, Member Since 2008

Christine Zinzilieta Before and AfterFor 25+ years, prior to finding Weigh Down GREED for MORE and FRUSTRATION defined my life. I praise God every day for this mere Christianity message of Truth, for it has brought peace with God, and love and joy and freedom to a heart that was in chains for far too long!

I was placed on my first 'food exchange' diet at the age of 9; however, greed for food was not the only issue in my heart.
Even as a young child, I was very in-tune to what I had vs. what others had. Whether it was candy, clothes, toys, TV, free time, friends, etc., I wanted MORE than what I had, was given or was allowed. I HATED being told 'no', I would cry, whine or manipulate my parents to get my way. If 'no' was still the answer I was angry or frustrated, but if I did get my way, the 'happiness' was short-lived for what I had was NEVER enough. My mother would tell me, 'things will never make you happy Christine, only a relationship with God can give you contentment'.

I felt a deep conviction that my behavior didn't please God and I LONGED for a RELATIONSHIP with Him. But I didn't know how... I went to church, I listened as others read God's Word, and I tried to read it for myself. But God seemed distant and His Word didn't make sense. Each night I would ask God for forgiveness and pray tomorrow would be different... but the next day wasn't different...I didn't know HOW to be different; I didn't know HOW to CHANGE.

Zinzilieta FamilyThe same summer that I started my 1st diet I attended church camp for the 1st time. I heard that in baptism I would 'receive the gift of the Holy Spirit' and God would 'dwell' in my heart. If God was dwelling in my heart - I WOULD BE DIFFERENT - Right!? I would be 'good' for God was good! That MUST be the answer! I came out of the water full of hope, but hope quickly faded to disillusion as day after day and year after year passed without change... Had I missed the 'miracle'? Why wasn't I full of the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and SELF-CONTROL? Where was the FRUIT of the Spirit of God? (Gal. 5)Through my teens, 20's and 30's I continued my search for happiness in 'if only...' 'If only'... I was married, had children, was thinner, had the perfect job, could stay at home, had more free time, more friends;...'If only'... my husband would change, my children would behave, or everyone would just LEAVE ME ALONE!... by 2007 I was broken, depressed, miserable and angry... 'IF only' God would SAVE ME! Where was the answer!? I was about to give up ALL hope and THEN...

In September of 2007 I was cleaning out a drawer and found my Rise Above book... I had taken a Weigh Down class in 2000... I had successfully lost close to 70 lbs. I remembered that Weigh Down was the only 'diet' that ever worked, it was the only time that I felt close to God, and the only time the Bible seemed to open up and begin to make sense. But the class ended and life got in the way. And here I was again heavier and more miserable than ever! I cried out to God on that night... 'God - if Weigh Down is Your answer- please give me a sign!' Within 12 hours God gave me not 1 but 3 signs that Weigh Down WAS the answer and I KNEW that God had answered my prayer. I started my journey that week... a 'Journey to the Heart of the Father'.

I came to Weigh Down seeking weight loss - and I found it! I am at least 100 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight which is AMAZING!! I weigh less now than I did in 8th grade...but what I have GAINED is greater than all that I have lost! Through Weigh Down I found out HOW to have a RELATIONSHIP with God! I have learned HOW to have the Holy Spirit dwell in my heart; for God gives His Spirit to those who obey (Acts 5:32)... not HAVE TO obedience to man's rules, which are burdensome... but WANT TO obedience to finding what pleases God and doing it! I learned HOW to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ whose food was to 'do the will' of the Father (John 4:34). I have learned to be self-less instead of selfish and to LOVE God with ALL (Mark 12:30). To wait on the LORD to give me the desires of my heart. I have learned to count my blessings and to Focus on the POSITIVE; to put on my battle armor EVERY DAY (Ephesians 6) and to PRAY about EVERYTHING (Phil. 4:6). My WHOLE LIFE HAS CHANGED! Not just weight loss, but a better marriage, better relationships with my children, children that DO behave and love God! I have found happiness, friendships, PEACE in my heart in all circumstances, joy in my heart and a smile on my face!

I cannot begin to list ALL I have learned here... but the number one thing I have learned is the IMPORTANCE of the CONNECTION! First and foremost - being connected to God and next being connected to others who are running after God with their whole heart!

You have come to the right place! Through the Mere Christianity Message of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship - You CAN Overcome! Stay connected, put EVERYTHING into practice, Test and SEE that this Message bears GOOD FRUIT! and NEVER GIVE UP!