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Miley Barcus, Member Since 2003

Miley Barcus FamilyWhat an amazing life this is! My entire perspective and life have been changed for the better by putting the principles taught by Weigh Down and the Remnant Fellowship Church into practice. I struggled for many years, starting in my pre-teen years, with having a VERY negative body image and being overly concerned with my weight. This led to bulimia, anxiety, depression and extreme overexercise.

Over the years, I sought help from counselors, personal trainers, countless weight loss programs, 12 step programs... and even spent 8 months attending an outpatient treatment for eating disorders in a desperate search for answers. Through all of this, I was told that my struggles were due to a disease, that I would never be able to eat normal foods…especially chocolate or sweets, as they were "trigger foods" for my brain. I was also told that I would always have to attend 12-step programs and that I would always struggle on some level for the rest of my life.

This was SO depressing!

Convinced that there had to be more to life, I finally cried out to God and asked Him for help. Where was the "truth that would set me free” talked about in the Bible? Literally within 2 days of that prayer, I met someone who worked at Weigh Down and learned more about this revolutionary faith-based program that was setting thousands free from all kinds of vices and addictions. I immediately signed up for a class!

What Gwen said in those classes was so simple, nutritionally sound and hopeful that I knew I had landed on the keys for optimum health and wellness. This was so exciting!

On the physical side, I learned how to follow my natural hunger cues and eat a variety of foods. For the first time in years, I gave up restrictive dieting and began to eat and enjoy regular foods — including hamburgers, pizza, and pasta! My weight steadily dropped to a healthy weight, which I have now maintained for over 15 years.

Spiritually, I learned to go to God for all worries and concerns instead of trying to fill up my heart with food. I got closer to God every day and my relationship with God continues to grow. This experience initially was so eye-opening…I realized that what I had been trying to do for years was use physical food to fill spiritual and emotional needs. Now turning to God and looking for His wisdom provided daily solutions and direction. This was incredible! Emotionally, the happiness that entered my heart and still feel every day is practically indescribable. Anxiety, depression, negative body focus and worry were literally gone. I now sleep peacefully every night and wake up looking forward to what the day will bring!

One irony from all of this, for years I had been told my struggles had been due to a disease and that sweets were off limits for me forever. After going through Weigh Down, I was able to eat desserts, chocolate, and sweets for the first time and not overdo it. I was FREE and enjoyed getting to experiment in the kitchen with recipes. This evolved into a small chocolate business and I became a dessert provider for many of Nashville’s big events! Thank you Weigh Down!

Fast forward to years later, what I learned through Weigh Down and also Remnant Fellowship Church continues to impact every area of my life in the most positive way. I now have an amazing marriage and two joyful, happy, and healthy children. The four of us are so close! I thank God, with every cell in my being, for the hope and healing He has provided through Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship Church. This is the BEST LIFE EVER!

To see more of Miley’s story, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Recipes for Weight Loss” – You Can Overcome Season 1 Episode 5