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Vickie Veeder, Member Since 2007

Vickie Veeder Before and AfterI remember that I started struggling with food and my weight as a teenager.  I was always on a diet.  I always ate small amounts of healthy food in front of family and friends, but I hid food and would eat a huge amount in secret.  As I got older and left home I turned to food for comfort in response to boredom and the pain of failing at marriage and the mounting responsibilities that seemed never ending.  I dived into eating anything that I thought would distract me from the pain I was feeling, both physically and mentally.  In my 30’s I battled cancer, undergoing surgery which sent me running even harder after food for comfort.  After my divorce I was left a single parent alone raising a child.  I was ambitious, a work-a-holic, working consistently at least 60 hour work weeks. My days were resentful and bitter and I struggled with depression, anger and rage, dwelling on what had happened to me. 

As a result, over the course of a few short years I gained 140 pounds.  At the last weigh in when I finally got on the scale, I weighed 283 pounds.  Through all these years I kept dieting and doing strenuous exercise to lose the weight, but the more I tried the worse it got.  I did Weight Watchers, Richard Simmons, Weight Loss Clinic, the Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, basic calorie and fat gram counting and during most of these years I had extensive memberships to Gold’s Gym and Federal Fitness Clubs, only to lose weight temporarily and regain it every time!

Then I heard about Weigh Down and called the office and ordered the Weigh Down Diet book I devoured the book instead of food.  God’s Word leaped off the pages.  In January of 2006 I took my first online class and learned about greed and about eating food again in normal quantities!  Before Weigh Down, food controlled me, what I did, when I did anything, and how much I did for other people.  I would choose to refuse to make plans with a friend or family so I could go home and eat alone.  Food was my whole life, an idol that I worshipped and adored! 

Stites FamilyWith the help of Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship Churches, I learned that by loving God wholeheartedly and worshipping Him more than anything on this created Earth, my love of food could be overcome.  I learned about the basics of hunger and fullness and looking to God to fill me up instead of the food.  From January of 2006 through November of 2007 I lost 160 lbs., and went from a size 26 (4X) down to a size 4. My doctors were amazed and took me off harmful diuretics needed to maintain my blood pressure as well as inhaler prescriptions and puffers I had used for chronic asthma for over 15 years.  My cholesterol went down over 80 points without using medication – merely by reducing my food intake.  The pain in my hips from Bursitis and swelling achy knees and feet that I had experienced for so long no longer caused the daily pain I had been under!  No more swelling ankles or hands!  I was able to walk, skip and dance for the first time since high school!  I now stay the same size while eating and drinking small amounts of delicious food like I did when I was a child!  

I praise God for this truth!  Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship are God’s answer to permanent weight loss and to a transformed life of joy, peace, and happiness!

To learn more about how you can overcome, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Living Sacrifices” – You Can Overcome Season 3 Episode 4