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Al and Jan Voorhis, Members Since 2002
Al and Jan Voorhis - Remnant Fellowship Members

Al & I had our first "date" at a church sponsored hayride in 7th grade. We went "steady" all through high school and college. We got engaged and married while completing our Masters Degrees at Indiana University. We were both able to get good jobs, and while pursuing our careers (Big Ten College football coach (Al) and Jan as coordinator of hearing impaired programs in the Chicago suburbs) we also had 3 children.

We were a typical, religious, small town couple who attended main-line denominational churches. We were promoted at our jobs, and each promotion gave us more material wealth. We searched for churches to teach us the TRUTH. We were quickly promoted into teaching others and positions of responsibility in the churches we attended, but all the while, we were miserable at home. I was an over-bearing and prideful wife always putting my husband down, with sarcasm and jokes to make him look bad. I always took the children's side and never my husband's side. I criticized him in front of the children and his family. I always thought I had a better idea. At one point in our marriage, I wanted to leave him. After all, I was an educated woman with a good salary. I always thought my job as career person, mother, and homemaker, was more difficult than his as a full time coach or executive. SOOOO I planned to leave him and also give him the children as revenge, so he would see how difficult it was to raise children and pursue a career!

And then we attended a Remnant Fellowship Church Rebuilding the Wall conference in Orlando, FL, in 2002. We heard scripture after scripture and were encouraged to look inward at our own hearts to search for greed, self-centeredness, praise of man, love of money, lust, upside down authority and more. We were convicted and a NEW LIFE started that day as we joined Remnant Fellowship Church and started looking inward and changing. Jan lost 65 lbs. Al lost 35 lbs. as we laid down greed for food.

Jan Voorhis - Before and After Weigh DownOur marriage was saved by this Truth taught at this church.  By yielding to the authority line from God through our husbands, our marriage not only survives but blossoms with such love and appreciation for each other that words cannot express the joy we experience each day. Our love is stronger, and our appreciation for each other grows daily. We LOVE each other as God intended and we serve each other as God has served us. We pray we are examples for our grown married children and our 16 grandchildren. God's approval is our goal as we love and serve each other. We celebrate 50 years of marriage to ONE person with only faithfulness and eyes for ONE GOD and HIS SON who makes this connection to God and each other possible.


- Jan Voorhis

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