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Cliff and Lisa Peters, Members Since 2000
Cliff and Lisa Peters - Remnant Fellowship Members

In 1998, I was a very miserable young mother.  I truly didn't know how to handle situations or how to be patient with my children or husband. I could have beautiful parties and was involved in lots of fundraising events--decorating & planning of it all, but when self is at the root, well it can be a testing time and I didn't have the spirit of God with a pure heart and so thus I was a bossy lady running around with too much talking going on!

I started my New Years Resolution off in 1998; it was going to be the year of Lisa! (That right there is scary enough)  I was going to do whatever I needed to take care of myself. WELL…. That didn't last too long, and I am so thankful. On January 3rd of 1998, I was crying out to God , waiving a white flag to him and  I said “I am all done living for myself! This is miserable. I want to live for You and You alone!”

From that moment one, my life began to change. I had previously taken a class in 1996 from the Weigh Down Workshop called, “Rising Above the Magnetic Pull of the Refrigerator”.  I did the mistake of all mistakes; I took only that one class, lost my weight and thought that was it! NOPE, one class of truth is not enough to wipe out years of lies that were embedded in my heart and mind! So, the weight loss I had experienced lasted for a few months and then slowly, but surely, it started creeping back on. In one year it was back.

So on the white-flag-waving winter day in January, I was ready to be done with living for myself. Funny, I thought a self-indulgent life looked glamorous and fun!! Not for me. I was miserable because I could feel the emptiness in my heart.    

Today, I have a changed life and a completely healed marriage because of the Weigh Down Workshop. I have learned first and foremost that God is my everything. That waiting for Him and His lead is beautiful. Then I learned how beautiful being under authority is, that my husband is the head of our family, and it’s a beautiful way that God created it to be with a purpose.

As I was falling in love with God more and more everyday, I was falling in love with my husband Clifford everyday. I was the angry person in the marriage. I was the one that was yelling at the children, never satisfied with life, and frustrated to no end--telling Clifford how to run the business and  how things should be etc….. When in actuality I knew nothing about running a business or farming or raising kids.

Once my life started changing, I was in the Word more and more and finding that living for God was a beautiful life and that repentance is the key that unlocks the prison doors.   This all started in a weight loss class and it was beautiful and healing.  When I started with the first principle of Weigh Down which was laying down the greed for food and find God’s lead thru hunger and fullness, I was also becoming the wife that God wanted me to be  and this was healing my marriage and allowing my sweet husband to lead our family.

Before this change, we had just started our own family farming business. Clifford had to fire me at one point. I was a bear to work with! Today, we actually work together and share an office. We love our life and could have never created it for ourselves! Obedience that leads to righteousness is what it’s all about. Not living for ourselves but living to please only God and to serve each other. My heart is to daily lift the arms of my husband for he is responsible for so much and I am very blessed to have him. I cherish him and am so grateful to God for him.

I could not be who I am today without this message. Today, we have a peaceful home and a happy marriage. Self is not at the root of why we are involved in anything. Today I am free from the pull of the food. Today, I love to be with my children and point them to God and to talk things through with them as they are seeking Godly advice from us. Today, we serve and want to see this message, which is Gods word lived out fully, go out to the world because of what God is doing in the lives of the humble seekers.  This is only from God. Today, my husband leads our family and we look to him for what God wants.  Clifford and I together have lost 50 lbs. and it has been off of us for over 15 years. Our life is not lived for ourselves anymore but for what God wants. We are so blessed to serve in different capacities at our church, Remnant Fellowship, and also with the Weigh Down Ministries. We are celebrating our 29th anniversary this fall and cannot even begin to repay what God has given to us.

I praise God for the Weigh Down Workshop and will for the rest of my days be an advocate for the truth that is taught here by Gwen Shamblin and the Remnant Fellowship Church that teaches us the “How To” to lay down sin, and be free from it and then be able to live a life pure and holy before God Almighty!! I am forever grateful!!

- Lisa Peters

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