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Sheldon and Heidi Singh, Members Since 2004
Sheldon and Heidi Singh - Remnant Fellowship Members
Sheldon’s Testimony

My first exposure to Weigh Down was through my wife (girlfriend at the time). She was taking classes to lose weight. She started going not only to the weight loss classes but then started listening to the services at Remnant Fellowship. I could see her life changing, she was losing weight and she had a better attitude. She would show me the lessons and I began listening to the teachings too. I was convicted by what was being taught at Remnant, but I had been a church-goer all my life and still had pride regarding this "new teaching." I continued going to my old church and even brought some of the Remnant materials to our pastor thinking he would be on board and agree with these undeniable truths that we were learning. That was not the response from our pastor. It did not take long to realize there was quite a difference between the teachings at Remnant and the teachings from our old church. The people at Remnant were full of life and every person had a testimony of how God had drastically changed their life. Our old church had a college-age gathering we attended every Friday night. I remember it was always people talking about how they were struggling with an addiction or stronghold, and they just couldn't get out or seem to change. I can still remember how we would feel after listening to a Remnant webcast (we were living in Connecticut at the time); we would feel so alive and full of hope and joy. And, I remember the feeling after church or youth gatherings at our old church, we would feel so depressed and hopeless. There was no change and no joy in their lives. We wanted the hope and joy we saw in the Remnant members. We left our old church and joined Remnant Fellowship Church only several months before getting married. It has completely changed our lives. I myself have lost 20 pounds and have laid down pride regarding my job and have learned how to be under God's authority in so many areas. Our marriage is peaceful and I am now raising my son in this message of truth. There is hope for the next generation. I praise God for Gwen Shamblin's teachings and that He allowed Heidi and I to come to this church. We are forever thankful to God for His mercy on our family.

Heidi’s Testimony
Sheldon and Heidi - Before and After Weigh Down

I praise God for Weigh Down! I took my first class around 2000. That was just the beginning of an incredible journey that God led me on. I have lost 70 pounds through taking all the classes but more than that is the heart changes I have experienced from continuing in this message taught at Remnant Fellowship Church. It is truly hard to put into a few paragraphs all the things God has done and how my life has so dramatically changed over the years. I started the program to lose weight, which it definitely worked for that. But, as I gave up control with eating I felt God leading me more in other areas. I started to go to God for not only the "big things" but the "little everyday things" and I realized that God wanted much more of my heart and devotion than I had been giving him. He truly is involved in everything. It started to change my outlook on I related to my husband, my boss, my family. This message has blessed my life so much. I praise God that my husband and I started attending Remnant Fellowship prior to being married. We have a very peaceful and loving marriage and I know with certainty that it would not have been that way if we were not continually exposed to the truth taught at Remnant. The phrase "completely changed my life" does not describe how radically different my outlook on life, my relationship with others and most importantly my relationship with God is through these teachings.

I think one of the greatest tool/lesson that I have learned from this message is the one of introspection. There is a constant looking inward that continues to cause conviction and change, even today!! I realize God is in control of all situations and people. I pray and submit to God in the areas He is convicting me, and the greatest gift I have received by doing this is peace with God. Yes, God has also blessed me so much with a wonderful husband, a sweet baby boy, very blessed job, and sweet friends and family. I honestly could write a book about all the answered prayers and sweet gifts God has given me, but truly the most valuable one is that peace. It is worth everything. It is what continues to drive me to go further in this walk with God. I praise God for continued conviction and am so thankful that I get to attend and listen to the lessons taught at Remnant Fellowship. It has made all the difference in my life!

For more information about how you can have a peaceful marriage, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Selfless Marriages” – You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 31