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Tony and Ashley Ellis, Members Since 2007
Ellis Family - Remnant Fellowship Members

Tony and I started dating while in high school. He was a year older than me so when I turned 18, I chose to move out of my parents’ home and move in with him. A year after graduating we were married, and nine months later had our first child. No more than 15 months after our wedding I decided I deserved more. Since I was tired of his late nights and partying with friends instead of being home, I left him. So instead of crying every night at our house, I was crying every night at my parent’s house because this is not the life I thought I signed up for. Getting married and filing for divorce before our 2nd anniversary was not what I expected. I just knew that I had to be right, and no one was telling me any different, or telling me to go back to him because it was my fault and I needed to change. I was being told that I deserved better and could do better. We did see a Christian “counselor” to help us “workout our differences” but I just wasn’t sure he was going to change so I went ahead and finalized the divorce. After a few months and a lot of different reasons we decided to try again and with some new “rules” to see if it could work. Things went well for awhile, and soon we were expecting our 2nd child, but shortly after, the backsliding began, the late nights and “working” until early morning, and my nagging and complaining pity parties started again. While all of this was going on we were witnessing his dad change physically and spiritually by taking a Weigh Down class. This sparked an interest in me to take a Weigh Down class, which started 6 weeks after our daughter was born. What I heard in the Exodus Out Of Egypt class was like nothing I had ever heard before! My eyes and ears were opened as I took in every word and put every lesson into practice right away. God allowed me to hear words of truth and I chose to put them into practice. I was changing every day - learning to take my hurting heart to God, as well as waiting on hunger before eating and stopping when full. I was not only losing weight, but I was gaining this amazing relationship with the Father. I was so focused on doing the will of the Father and making the right choices and changes in my heart that every relationship around me was becoming joyful, especially our marriage!  I took the teachings about obedience to God and put it into practice with my marriage, and due to the changes in my heart, mind, actions, words, and attitude, God allowed my marriage to become happy and joyful. I listened daily to the song “Change” by Michael Shamblin “I’ve got to be different”. I took those words and repeated them over and over in every situation wanting to please God and glorify him. Over time, the changes that God made in me allowed me to change to the point that our marriage was more joyful and happier than when we first started dating!

To learn more about how your marriage can be happier, watch this video clip from Remnant Fellowship TV - "Lasting Marriages" - You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 20