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Steve Lomas, Member Since 2002
Steve and Sherri Lomas

I have always been bold, but I have not always been wise. I have gained much wisdom in this message, straight out of the Bible. These truths are not new, they are ancient. They have been available to me, my whole life!  If only someone in my youth had been willing to point out these truths, model them for me, and hold me accountable, certainly I could have spared myself, my wife and my family much pain, not to mention our Creator!
The story of how we came to Remnant Fellowship begins in 1997 in Washington State. My wife, Sherri, was extremely over-weight, and miserable! Shortly after her 40th birthday, she was introduced to the Weigh Down Diet book. Over the next 18 months, as she put the principles of Weigh Down into practice, she initially lost 128 pounds, and eventually 147 lbs. total. As the weight melted off Sherri, I kept saying, "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife"? She was changing daily! The changes were not just weight-related. Sherri was sweeter, more humble, less angry, more self-controlled and generally more loving and lovable. Sherri started facilitating Weigh Down classes, and I began attending for the "Bible Study", because, "I didn't have a weight issue."  In fact, I did have weight to lose, and have since lost 30 pounds, along with tons of rage, arrogance and pride. During this time, I was also a Deacon in our congregation. Together, Sherri and I began to suspect that there was something terribly wrong with our church. We were learning so much truth in our Weigh Down classes, and we wanted to share this knowledge with our fellow leaders; but they just wouldn't have it.

I praise God for lifting the veil and allowing me to not only "hear" the truth, but to "see" the contrast. Sherri and I knew it was time to leave our church when our pastor brushed off the concept of "obedience" as being inconsequential to salvation and the first step down a slippery slope of legalism. How alarming! How could the clergy have wandered so far from the plumb line of Jesus Christ and God’s Word? If it had been up to Sherri, we would have joined Remnant, immediately, but I just didn't understand how we could participate in a church that was clear across the country. Certainly, I reasoned, there must be a local church that embraces the "basic Christianity" message we had found in Weigh Down. After several months of trying other churches, finding no peace in our hearts, no shared love for God's message of laying down idols and living a sinless life, Sherri humbly took a stand and said that I could keep searching for a local church, but she was done, and would be seeking out Remnant Fellowship.
Through this journey, I have learned that my wife is much wiser than I ever gave her credit for, and that when she feels strongly about something, there is a good chance that God is trying to get my attention. In April of 2002, Sherri arranged for us to listen in on a conference call during a Remnant Fellowship Sunday morning service and I realized that she had been right all along. The service was so pure, and powerful. We stopped looking for other churches and we started attending Remnant Fellowship. Praise God for conference calls and webcasts! When we came into Remnant, our finances were a mess! My business had failed, and I was too prideful to give up. I was stressed out, and it didn't take much to set me off. As a parent, I was often over-bearing and full of rage. I was thoroughly blind to the ugliness of my behavior. As the veil was lifted, however, I began to see myself in God’s holy mirror of purity and I did NOT like what I saw. So, I decided to change. In June, 2003, God allowed us to relocate to Brentwood, Tennessee, birthplace of Remnant Fellowship. Since then, we have undergone much refinement and purification. In just a few short years, God has restored our finances, retired great sums of debt, provided us with vehicles, improved health, and a beautiful home, over which His Spirit reigns! To anyone reading this or any other Remnant testimony and who is wondering if all these happy ending stories of changed lives could possibly be true, I assure you these blessings are both real and available to YOU! God is anxious to bless anyone who will lay down their life and make HIM first! Repent and turn to God and you will be blessed.


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