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Jessica Walters, Member Since 1999
Walters Family

I am honored to share how God has and continues to bless my life since joining the Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999 and applying the clear teachings that God has given through this church! Before finding Remnant Fellowship, I had so many questions that were hanging unanswered - about life, about what it meant and looked like to be a Christian, about the Bible, about the conflicts in the world and in my own life. But now those questions have been answered and there is purpose and direction in my life! My relationship with God has grown tremendously and continues to get stronger with each day; I have been shown how to look inward, take personal responsibility, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, daily seeking God’s Will in everything! As a result, I am experiencing daily answered prayers, a devoted marriage that gets better every year, direction and hope in raising godly children, and genuine friendships with like-minded believers! I am so grateful that God allowed me to hear this and to be a part of a movement that has changed my life and so many others, all for the Glory of God!

To see more of Jessica’s story, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Never Going Back” – You Can Overcome Season 1 Episode 22.