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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
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Heather Dyer, Member Since 2006
Dyer Family

Before I joined Remnant Fellowship Church in early 2006, my life was full of despair and depression. I was in my late twenties and had only been married for a year and a half. I thought that getting married would cure my depression but that wasn't the case. I am certain, had I not put into practice what I have learned here at this church, that I would be divorced by now. The largest changes in my life since hearing and applying these teachings have been:
1) Depression and self-focus have been demolished and replaced with joy and a hope for a life I never knew existed! Now, I'm focused on God's and others needs and not my own.  Before, I didn't correlate the sin in my life caused the bad moods, lashes of anger & projection onto others. I may not have always seemed down because I often hid behind a fake smile. On the inside however, my heart and soul
were tormented with who I was.
2) Before Remnant Fellowship Church, I had pride, greed, anti-authority, lust, and anger had manifested in my life in the form of always believing that how I did everything was the only right way. I had 40 extra pounds of weight on my body, and I was always belittling anyone in authority. I never did as I was asked, and I flunked out of college. I also had sexual sins. These have been totally eradicated, PRAISE GOD!
Heather Dyer Before and After3)  I now know that any gifts that I may have are given by God and are to be used for His glory, and not for my own selfish gain. Life is so much more rewarding now that I am putting God first instead of robbing Him of all credit.
By accepting this new life of living totally for God's will, I am more blessed than I could ever imagine!!! I have a godly husband, loving obedient children, a blessed workplace, healed finances, restored relationships with my family members and above all a relationship with God. I am truly grateful to God and the leadership of this church for being living examples of how to put the message of Jesus Christ into practical application.

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