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Jenny Zogg, Member Since 2010
Jenny Zogg Before and After

I found Remnant Fellowship through Weigh Down Ministries.  It was January of 2009, and I felt pretty hopeless at that time. I had reached an all time high of 290 pounds, and was trying to fight my way out of a pit of depression.

I had not always been overweight. I was thin as a small child and young adult. I started going to food for comfort when I was in my late twenties, and by the time I was in my early 30’s, I was obese. I attribute most of my depression to my weight gain. The more I gained, the more depressed I got. I lost my father during that time as well, and I went straight to the food that I thought would help me. Of course, the food was no comfort at all.
In 2004 I started feeling sick all of the time. I ached all over, and had a hard time performing even simple household tasks. I had arthritis in my shoulders to the point that my doctor wanted to actually go in and cut it out of the bone. My doctor put me on a couple different antidepressants, and some anti-anxiety meds. That worked for a while, but soon the affects wore off. Eventually, I was on so many medications that I had trouble functioning. I was on the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, a muscle relaxer, and strong pain medications. If things got too hard to handle, I just popped some pills and went to bed. I thought that I could find “relief” in the “high” that those drugs provided me. I would often go to bed at 8:00pm and get up at 1:00 am the next afternoon.
For the next several years, I spent a lot of time in and out of bed. Some days I never got up. I missed many of my children’s school functions, and rarely got up to send them off to school. I was so lost in my misery that I really couldn’t think much about the needs of others.
In 2008 I started calling out to God to help me. I knew that I couldn’t continue on the way that I was. I was really afraid that I would die if I didn’t change.

God directed me to Weigh Down Ministries, and I signed up for the Breakthrough class. I immediately started dropping weight. God also started showing me that my depression was self-focus, and that I could decide to be happy! I had the ability to live a happy life! I just had to focus on God, and be obedient to Him! I was able to discontinue all of the anti-depressants and anxiety medications.

In 2010 I was invited to “Rebuilding the Wall Chicago,” and I met so many wonderful saints who loved God more than anything. They were so kind and so genuine. I knew I was in the right place, and joined Remnant Fellowship shortly after. A couple of months later, my husband followed, and a couple of years later, our son decided that He wanted to live his life for God.

Not only did this message teach me how to overcome depression, but I lost 164 lbs, and overcame other strongholds including over-shopping, obsession with hobbies, trying to control my husband and everyone around me, anger, and so much more!

I love God so much. He has blessed me and my family beyond anything the world can measure. I was recently told by someone who doesn’t know me that I am the happiest person she has ever met. I just smiled and told her that this is truly a blessed life!


For more of Jenny’s story and to learn how you can be set free from depression and obesity, watch You Can Overcome – How to Overcome Obesity and Depression.