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Frank D'Amato, Member Since 2002
Frank DAmato Before and After

Since finding the true God and turning from my sinful ways, God has changed my life and turned it right side up. Before this awesome Weigh Down message, I was "Mr. Frank the Crank" wearing the mask of an ashamed Christian. I never lived up to 2 Cor. 2:15 (Anyone being in Christ is a new creation - the old is gone and the new is come). Nothing changed except that I confessed Jesus Christ and believed I was covered under his blood and there was nothing I could do to for my salvation. I was still greedy for money, fame, food & praise of man. Lust and ungodly things controlled 50% of my thoughts. I overdrank & smoked like a fiend and all while attending a church, being a Deacon & youth counselor. 

My wife Carmen and I married April 1, 1995. It was not a perfect union (both trying to control and manipulate each other), but we were searching. We moved to Florida in April 2000 and still more confusion. In October, I weighed about 180 lbs and my wife was 65 lbs overweight. We were introduced to Weigh Down and what we heard started a chain reaction. Now for the first time, the Bible made sense! In January of 2002, we started a Weigh Down Advanced class and we were astonished over the deep convicting truths taught in that class. We knew we had to leave the church we were attending because it was not teaching the full truth of the Gospel. 

Frank and Carmen DAmatoNow - Better betcha! 50 lbs gone. No longer walking with a cane. Lust - (what's that?) it's gone. Idols - none. My only idol is God Almighty and his precious son Jesus Christ whom I follow every moment of my life doing the will of the Father and not my own will. On Feb 2, 2002, my wife and I attended a Rebuilding the Wall tour seminar in Orlando, FL. What we heard pierced my heart as I faced myself in the mirror of the Book of James being taught by Gwen Shamblin. I was on my face repenting and asking God to forgive me. Fast forwarding, our finances have been healed ..and after letting go of our own earthly desires for 2 1/2 yrs, we sold our home in Florida and we moved to Nashville. God has blessed us and allowed us to get our own place. I now have the attitude of my Savior Jesus, being humble even unto death (death to my own selfish desires) and will continue to have for the rest of my life. God knows that I could not fully pay him back for this new life in Christ and Him.  Thank You, God!

To see more of Frank’s story watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “How to be Happy” – You Can Overcome – Season 2 – Episode 23.