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Nancy Malinchok, Member Since 2005

Nancy Malinchok Before and AfterHi, my name is Nancy Malinchok, and this is the story of my journey with Weigh Down Ministries. I struggled with my weight from an early age, I felt like I was different from my sisters (one a twin) because my Mom had to drag them to the table and she had to drag me away from it. I also struggled with bulimia from about the age of 14. I hated what I was doing but I did not know how to stop.

In 2004 I read The Weigh Down Dietand in it, Gwen mentioned that she had learned that she at one time had a heart that was greedy for too much food…more than what her body really needed…that she had turned to food for comfort instead of turning to God. When I read that I stopped and thought about that concept. It was then that I realized that this was my problem too…it was a misdirected heart issue and not the food’s fault. This was exciting because I realized I could learn how to change my heart! 

I cried out for God's help. He is faithful and merciful! Through the Weigh Down classes, I learned how natural it is to eat by following our God-given hunger cues and giving our body what it really needs.

lost 65 pounds by applying the principles I learned through Weigh Down. My weight came off easily and without relying on extreme harsh exercise. Now when I exercise it is because I want to and not because I think I have to in order to work off extra food.  I am truly free and no longer worry about my body image. This is FREEDOM!!! Following God’s natural cues brings good health…I feel amazing!