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Cassandra Beiling, Member Since 2000
Cassandra Beiling Before and After

I took my first Weigh Down class in February 2000. By putting the principles that I learned through Weigh Down into action, I learned how to eat within God's boundaries and so lost 40 pounds. In addition to that, the spiritual lessons were convicting me to let go of control issues which were putting me out of order with my husband, which was also leading our then 10-year-old son down the wrong path of not respecting authority and therefore separation from God. I have been in church my whole life every Sunday and most Wednesdays, not to mention for special speakers, revivals, conferences and extraneous Bible studies. But even so, I was a rebellious, deceitful teenager, married and divorced my first husband inside of a year's time, and steeped in sexual sins. When I married for the second time, I pulled it together enough to say no to what everyone seems to understand as obviously wrong, like the sexual sins, but I was gaining weight (greedy), and becoming more and more controlling and selfish. My tongue was very out of control and biting if my husband didn't submit to what I wanted. My husband had a debilitating stroke several years ago. God was merciful and was trying to get my attention in giving me a chance to care for my husband, and although I never would have left him, I became embittered and even MORE controlling. There were many things that I naturally had to take over, but as my husband recovered, I wasn't willing to give those things back to him and therefore submit. I realized this was wrong, so I went to seek counsel from the church I attended at that time.They put me through a counseling program that encouraged me to bring up anyone who had ever done anything against me, and therefore focus more on myself and why I was the way I was. If I loved myself more, I wouldn't have this resentment for caring for my husband. And besides, (according to them) I had been through so much, it was expected that I would have these angry feelings and I was doing so much, that I would have jewels in my crown in heaven. SICK!!

Mike and Cassandra BeilingWhen I heard about Remnant Fellowship, the church that sponsors the Weigh Down ministry, I couldn't join fast enough. FINALLY, I had hope and was under a church leadership that not only told me that I could change those things that I knew were wrong, but that I MUST change to have an eternal relationship with God. I realized I had been a fake, counterfeit Christian because I was saying, "Lord, Lord..." but my actions proved otherwise. So NOW, I love finding ways to submit so that my husband is lifted up and therefore our marriage is glorifying God in the proper line of authority. Regarding finances: We did not have health insurance when Mike had the stroke. I had a file folder full of bills that amounted to over $300,000. After about 6 months, I began to work at paying each one by paying between $5-40 per bill, per month. At that time I had done some calculations, and it was going to take over 400 years to pay off what we owed at that rate (that's how long the Israelites were oppressed in Egypt). After joining Remnant and getting my heart RIGHT before God, He began to bless that. We began to get letters from many service providers saying they didn't want to burden our family any longer and so wanted to release us of the debt. This included his brain surgeon, the ambulance services, his primary care doctor, and more! It's a VERY thick file and I had to have a spreadsheet just to keep it organized! File after file closed, mainly due to the generosity that God allowed in order to release us. So, God freed us from a heavy bondage of slavery to all of the medical providers so that now we don't have any of that debt, AND we now have health insurance, thanks be to God. The church leadership of Remnant Fellowship has remained consistent, without fail, throughout our membership by always pointing our family to God, never flattering us for the sake of membership, but rather making it obvious that they love God first. They are always seeking Him in how to lead and teach the lambs in choosing God over their own desires. I now choose God, thanks to Gwen Shamblin and the church leadership of Remnant Fellowship. And to think, it all started because my sister invited my husband to a Weigh Down class and I just didn't want to get left out!

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