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Jean Kurtz, Member since 2001
Jean Kurtz Before and After

If you're reading this testimony it means you've found your way to Weigh Down Ministries & Remnant Fellowship Church. You've found your way to a treasure of infinite worth!

I'm Jean Kurtz, and I pray this testimony of my changed life gives you hope that you too can Change and live "A Life of No Regret!"...

You can do what I did when I finally found this Truth, took it to heart, and put it into practice…I looked at the testimonies and lives of ordinary people (like me) who had found this message and experienced real CHANGE!!! I wanted that!!!

I prayed to be "different", and cried out to God, "Please help me, there's got to be more than this."

There is so much distance now between the "old me" and the new person I am today that it's hard to go back and even remember what I worried about, feared, kept me up at night, made me mad and drove me crazy. Before finding these answers I had so many daily and lifetime sorrows and torments about things I had done, people I'd hurt, and many daily regrets over how out of control I was...drinking to excess, eating insatiably anything that wasn't tied down, and a mouth that was constantly embarrassing me with words that I didn't really mean, and always ended up hurting people. I often felt despair of ever being free of the demons that lived in my brain and tempted me to think this was as good as it got.

I longed for more...there had to be hope of being different...of overcoming (I love the title of Weigh Down’s weekly "You Can Overcome" Show!!!)

So here I am still here since 1996 & joining Remnant Fellowship in December 2001...I have overcome, AM OVERCOMING...And I am on THE PATH, and living A LIFE OF NO REGRETS thru this message of HOPE for Change--

  • Now I’m filled with inexpressible joy every day, knowing I’m blessed to live and breathe another day.
  • I’ve lost 30 lbs and had my weight off since 2001!
  • No regret that I got sick or diseased from smoking—I quit cigarettes and never looked back and now enjoy great health and energy.
  • I learned to enjoy alcohol in God's great boundaries--a little "gladdens the heart...but too much gives you a headache!"
  • I get to be happily married to John since 1994.
  • Our daughter is a joy and we are on this journey of obedience and answered prayers together as a family!
  • We learned to honor and obey God’s perfect boundaries with our spending, giving, and saving.
  • My family and career have been so blessed by putting God, and everything else in the right order and perspective.
  • No regret feeling constantly guilty—I wake up every day praising God for the chance to look inward daily and change. I LOVE this LIFE!!!!

I work as a banker, and one of the executives I work for talked about what it takes to be a great banker he said "What we do isn't complicated, but it isn't easy either." I feel like that perfectly describes this walk of faith...staying connected to God...waiting for a growl, eating in the perfect know you CAN do it but the only way to stay connected to God is to stay surrounded by the truth, practice it daily, keep getting back up until you have mastered it--staying around people who are going for it too. It's the most EXCITING purpose-filled life!!!

I found Weigh Down Ministries, which led me to Remnant Fellowship Church, because I wanted to be free from overweight, dieting, and pit of over-exercise...but found it's so much more than food---that's the irony --opposite world--the more in "God's" control you are, the more freedom you have from the control of food. I have taken this great advice to get as close as I can--and I want to get even closer--to the center of the flock! The longer I'm in it, the more I understand God's word through the inspired teaching and the more I understand in humility that this IS the war of the ages, and I need the fellowship of the Saints to help me "Battle Onward" (thanks Michael Shamblin for that song).

Gwen used Revelation 3:21 recently and I saw it again with such HOPE --Jesus our Savior showed us how to do it!!! "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne."

This is THE Jesus Christ is follow...the one I found through THIS message of HOPE and OVERCOMING!!!

To hear more of Jean Kurtz’s story, watch this episode of You Can Overcome – Weight Loss Basics.