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Paula Penn, Member Since 2002
Paula Penn - Remnant Fellowship Member

Before coming into Remnant Fellowship, my spending was out of control. I justified my spending by telling myself that I deserved to shop. Our credit card debt was getting larger and larger; our savings account seemed never to increase. I would shop every weekend to try to satisfy my desires, but it never seemed enough. I would write checks knowing I did not have the money in my checking account to cover them. I would try to get to the bank before they closed to transfer money from our savings into our checking account. Then I would pray all month that my husband would not see the bank statements when they came in. If I could get to the statements first I would tear them up before he came home. This went on for 25 years. My overspending was destroying our marriage, we constantly argued over money. However, I thought I was ok; my old church never taught me that this was disrespectful to my husband. I was never told that I needed to change and I thought my husband was the one being unreasonable. After joining Remnant Fellowship in 2002, I quickly realized that I was the one that needed to change, not try to change my husband. I guess I knew that my life was upside down, but didn't know how to change it.

After hearing the messages at Remnant Fellowship, I began to search scriptures for myself and began to understand them. One Scripture in Isaiah I read and kept in front of me was Isaiah 32:18 "My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest". At first I did not believe this was possible; however when I started to put into practice what Remnant taught, my life began to change. I realized that my overspending was idolatry and I needed to stop. I now have learned to fill my life with God instead of world desires. Today my husband and I have what Isaiah talked about. We have the peace in our home beyond understanding and our marriage is better today than it has ever been. We have paid off our home, our cars, have no credit card debt and our savings accounts have grown to more than I ever dreamed possible. I thank God every day that I have found Remnant Fellowship and at last found the way to life through God.

To hear more how you can be set free from overspending, watch Remnant Fellowship TV – “Overcoming Shopping Addictions” – You Can Overcome Season 2 Episode 11.