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Bethany Hagans, Member Since 2003

Hagans FamilyGod Almighty has proven Himself so faithful in my life! After crying out to Him for the help to change, God used Remnant Fellowship to speak the truth of His Word to me. He answered my prayer and the truth has set me free from depression, anorexia, fears & paranoia, and replaced it with joy, peace, and hope that I never had before!

As a young girl, I remember wanting to be a “good Christian.” I grew up in a dedicated church-going home, went to Christian school, and participated in every evangelical activity (mission trips, youth leadership, clubs etc.), hoping it would help me love God more. But, despite these efforts, I held deep in my heart secret sins; anorexia being the most addicting and consuming of my mind, heart, and emotions. I found myself spiraling deeper and deeper into a depressing pit and withdrawing from parents and friends. I started to realize that I was no longer “in control,” but the fear of letting go and possibly gaining weight kept me in bondage. Still reading the Bible every day, God began to convict me that what I was doing was wrong, but I felt trapped, without an option, feeling that I would be haunted by my selfish desires forever.

In the meantime, my mother participated in a program called the Weigh Down Workshop and she was experiencing freedom in her own area of bondage: food addiction. She was becoming a New Creation before my eyes. Through the program, she learned how to transfer her focus/attention/love away from food and onto God and His Will. She explained to me that this transfer could occur in all areas, and I began to have hope! I prayed to God that if this was the answer I had been looking for, that he would make it clear and open my eyes to what he wanted from me.

Jonathan and Bethany HagansI started listening and applying the Scriptures that were being read in the program, the main one being Hebrews 10:26. This verse cut me to the core; I gave up anorexia overnight and never went back. The hope of a new life and purpose entered my heart and I found a joy for living that I had never experienced! The Word of God opened up to me like never before as I realized it all applied to my life and I couldn’t get enough. I made the transfer from loving myself to loving God and the fruit was so overwhelming good that I never wanted to go back.

That was ten years ago; I was 17 years old then. Since then, the joy and love for Him has just grown as He has continued to refine and teach me more areas to change to become more like Jesus Christ. When I look at my life now, I am brought to tears with gratefulness at what God has done in return for giving over every area in obedience. He led me to marry a Godly man and we are united in the decision to raise our daughter to love God alone and with the hope that she will avoid the pain we experienced. The blessings far outweigh the sacrifices and testing and all I have is hope for the years ahead! Thank you to God, His Son Jesus Christ, for using this ministry and the words spoken through Gwen Shamblin to transform this life for Him! Amen.

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