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Laura Homonnay, Member Since 2001
Tomi and Laura Homonnay

I am so thrilled to even have a testimony to write down!! I was introduced to Weigh Down through my mother in 2002 when I was 12 years old. At this time in my life I had been baptized in my old church as a "Christian" - but I was far from being truly Christ-like in any of my words, actions, or thoughts. Now I was a "good kid" and never got into anything that would be considered "really bad" by today's standards, BUT I am here to testify that you can be a "good kid" but be in a pit of self-focus & misery. That was me.

In the back of my mind I was always very concerned, even worried, about getting into heaven - but I was told I was fine and there was little to no urgency to live a pure life! So, I was living my young life for myself. I had a strained relationship with most of my brothers and sisters, I never considered others more than important than myself, and I was beginning to think that my pre-teen self was smarter than my parents. I was daily waking up and going through the whole day for ME. School and grades were for my own praise, I was jealous of friends I thought were better than me in any way, activities & games were only about winning, and I teased and pushed my younger siblings to tears "just because". I did not seek God for anything, and I am ashamed to say I never really even thought of Him during the day! Food was also becoming too much of a focus. All that to say, at the end of each day, I was miserable. I felt guilty. I had an ever-increasing fear that I was not "saved" and heaven-bound. (And rightly so!)

2002 was the year my mother tucked me in one night and said, "Laura, you need to love God!" This really stuck with me - I couldn't remember ever sincerely talking with anyone about loving God! At the time I didn't know what that really meant or how to do it, but in the days and months ahead I watched her change and listened to her teach us children how to love God and how to obey Him. This was all as she was taking Weigh Down. She became kinder, more loving, praised God more, and started reading the Bible to my siblings and I. (We were a very "Christian" home but I don't remember having any devotionals as a family before this.)

Then the most WONDERFUL and amazing thing started happening - I started getting answered prayers! And I started falling in love with God!! He was becoming so real to me, and I started to experience real peace in my heart for the first time. Instead of waking up for breakfast, I was waking up and hitting my knees in prayer. Instead of looking for ways I could honor myself and make myself look or feel better, I looked for ways I could serve my brothers & sisters and parents. As time went on and I got older and got a job, I focused on pleasing my bosses. As I entered public school (I had been homeschooled) I focused on following all my teachers' instructions and looking for what would please and honor them. Fast-forward to graduating college and getting married, and the principles and basic Truths I have learned from Weigh Down - which is just backing up the Bible - have never failed to apply each and every step of the way! I am now closer to God and to my family as we seek Him together than I have ever been, and God’s will and commands are more and more the joy and light of my life.

I praise our Father in Heaven for bringing my family and I to Remnant Fellowship through Weigh Down. It has changed each one of us for the better!! Words cannot express the complete peace I feel in my heart every morning, and the appreciation I have for God's Spirit which continues to gently lead and guide me every day, showing me things I can continue to change. I LOVE this life!

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