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Maxine Day, Member Since 2005

Maxine WhitneyIn my short 2 decades of life I made a MESS of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically!! I had a major food idol that made me very overweight; I was angry and depressed, very rude and mean to my parents, siblings, family and friends. I had very few friends because I was so self-focused, and I sought comfort in books, TV, computer games, food, and day dreaming. I snuck food, especially sweets and sugary drinks, and hid while I ate them. I would then hide the wrappers and lie about it. I got so good at lying that I could look my mom straight in the eyes and not flitch a bit as I told a blatant lie about sneaking food; my heart was so hard and unfeeling. By sixth grade I weighed 160 pounds, had tried several diets with my mom, was on two anti-depressants, and had been through some anger management classes that only made me angrier. I was teased all through school, and it made me more sad and depressed. My family and I had attended church my whole life and I always had a heart for God and a love for His Word, but each church we went to never taught us the truth or showed us how to truly find God and also find help for our hurting souls. They left us empty and broken, searching for answers. My mom was without hope and just before I started 6th grade she tried to get me admitted into a children’s hospital in a strict program for people with eating disorders.

By the grace of our merciful Heavenly Father, my mom found Weigh Down just before those plans were finalized, and we took The Last Exodus class first as a last attempt to finding freedom. This time we had found it!!! The class TRANSFORMED my life!!! The teachings were everything that I had been searching for!! The biggest thing it gave me was HOPE!! I learned that I COULD change and BE FREE of this pain, suffering, depression, embarrassment, emptiness, and excess weight!! Since then I have continued to take Weigh Down classes and as I apply the principles, tips and suggestions my life only get better and better!! Soon after we found Weigh Down, my family and I joined the Remnant Fellowship Church, a group of like-minded believers all devoted to loving God FIRST and ALONE, founded by Gwen Shamblin on the same principles as Weigh Down and led by a godly leadership that leads through example. They SHOWED the truth of God’s promises through the blessings and good fruit in their own lives because of their obedience. I never saw such a leadership ANY WHERE else.

Since joining Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship I not only lost over 50 pounds of weight and am free from depression, anger, hate, and malice, but I also have a whole new focus and purpose in life!! My mind is ALWAYS on God now!! I look for Him and pray to find Him EVERYWHERE-in nature, in music, in movies, in work and in play. One of my favorite things to do is change song lyrics so that they reflect my love and devotion to GOD, and He always uses the revised song to help me soon after. It is so SWEET finding this PERSONAL relationship with Him!!! I love to mediate and memorize scripture that I can say anytime, anywhere and they bring my mind back to God and His lovely decrees. I’m learning what God really wants from us and that is to be TOTALLY devoted to HIM ALONE and not go to ANYTHING in the world, and I’ve learned HOW to transfer the love I had for the world to a single devoted love for God. I also have learned the joy of serving others and taking care of others needs before my own; it’s the best feeling EVER to help someone and then on top of that to see God come back in and supply everything I need as well! I have also learned the freedom and peace of being under authority. It says in Romans that God has established all authorities on earth and we have to trust Him through them. Realizing this and applying it has given me a relationship back with my parents. I’ve learned that I have to respect and obey them, and trust God through them, and whenever I die to what I want to do, hold my tongue, and just trust and obey, the situation ALWAYS works out SO WELL, SO much better than my own plan. I have learned how to celebrate with God in His boundaries, to praise HIM when I’m happy, to go to HIM when I’m sad, lonely, hurting, or in trouble, and go to HIM when I need help in all situations from finding lost items, to school work, to healing relationships with family and friends.

It’s absolutely THE MOST AMAZING concept: total obedience to GOD in exchange for a mighty, loving, and PERSONAL relationship with Him, and then eternal life!! I now have JOY and PEACE and LOVE in my heart; I have been SET FREE from myself and given HOPE of a life through Christ that’s lived ONLY for God and is filled to overflowing with EVER-increasing fruits of the Spirit!!! Praising GOD for this truth!!!

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