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Shanna Gadke, Member Since 2001

Shanna GadkeThere is only one explanation for the turn around that has taken place in my life, and that is having a relationship with God that is daily and constant. By recognizing at a young age that I needed to change the direction of my life it has made all the difference. My mom, Kristy McHaney found Weigh Down through my Aunt Therese Jost. As she continued through the class she immediately saw her relationship with God grow deeper while she put into practice the principles she was taught through Weigh Down. It was so different than anything she had understood before about the Bible and a relationship with God. My mom was being taught not only that you needed to turn from idols but more so HOW to make that change and never go back.

During this time I was in 8th grade and only interested in my friends and what was in it for me, I had an aggressive nature and was very much a tomboy. My grades quickly were going down while my mean reputation grew, from one incident to another I tested the boundaries in every area I could. With an attitude at home and school it was evident to my parents that something had to give, the nightly talks and arguments were not changing the root of the problem, my heart. They made the decision to take me out of the public school environment and I moved from Colorado to California to be home schooled by the one person in our lives who was truly living a Godly life, my Aunt Therese.

Kurt and Shanna GadkeAfter 3 months of living with and observing her family I could not deny that living peacefully and having a genuine relationship with our Heavenly Father was the only way to live. During my time in California I was confident my idol of friends and my reputation would be there for me no matter what. However within the three months I only received one letter from a friend. Within the letter there were no questions asking how I was doing, or when I would be returning, it was all about them and I was devastated. I could clearly see that my idol would never love me back or care for me and my well-being.

This was my turning point; I began really listening to the message when I attended church with my extended family. The changes were immediate, by the time I returned home to Colorado it was a complete turnaround from the person I was when I left. I knew now what my purpose was, to serve my God in every thought, deed and action. My life was blessed and I surrounded myself with friends who also wanted to please God with everything they had.

Now at 24 I have been blessed with a Godly husband, a college degree, an entire church body of people who are true friends and to top it off I was blessed to be fully employed right out of school. I couldn't have picked a better life! I praise God for showing my parents the HOW through Weigh Down Ministries that has brought our family full circle. At 12 God gave me a crossroads and a choice to make, I can't imagine where the tomboy failing school would have ended up but I praise God that He showed me another way out, it has truly changed my life for the better. God be Praised!

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