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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
Click HERE for more information on our plan for a safe, phased reopening.

Rusty Henry - Member Since 2002
Rusty immediately noticed the new light in his wife Lisa’s eyes after she became involved in Weigh Down...but he quickly dismissed it. Only after his wife continued to change did Rusty decide to listen to Gwen Shamblin’s lessons. When he heard that he should to repent and turn from his current life of pride, anger, and lust, he again dismissed it, thinking, “I was good where I was at.” As he dug deeper into his own heart, however, he realized that after several years in his church, he not only didn’t have a relationship with God, but he didn’t even know how to pray. He turned to Remnant Fellowship and right away began to change from within. “The old life had gone and the new had arrived.” He learned how to truly serve God and how to drop his old worldly passions and pursuits so he could invest fully in the heavens. “And the return on that priceless.”

Remnant Fellowship Church was founded in 1999 by Gwen Shamblin and seven others.  Located in the heart of Brentwood, TN the church now webcasts its services to over 150 locations around the world.  For more information on Remnant Fellowship Church and how to join a worship service locally or via webcast, go to our Visit page HERE.

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