Remnant Fellowship New Member Form

We are so excited you are ready for membership! Welcome Home!! God is doing such beautiful things in this church - members are laying down strongholds and growing increasingly closer to God; the result has been restored marriages, finances, health and on goes the list! We are excited that you would like to be a part of a group who wants to put God first in every area of life! To be a member means that you want to love God with ALL your heart, soul, strength and mind and that if you have any strongholds before God that you will lay those down.

This Church has its roots founded in the Bible-based teachings of Gwen Shamblin through Weigh Down Ministries, who has a 30-plus year's long-and-counting track record of helping people change their lives in every positive and productive way. We, as a Church body, come from all walks of life and widely varying socioeconomic backgrounds and ages; yet we have this in common - we can hardly contain our joy over how much our lives have changed for the better. If you are looking for answers to life's most difficult hardships, longing for a solution as to why you are having trouble overcoming addictions and other struggles, or searching for hope and a real connection with God, please watch this video.

It is on leadership's heart to make sure all of your needs are met. Please take a moment and answer the questions below so we can get to know you a little better. Once we receive this form, a church staff member will contact you to answer any questions and to help you transition into membership.


Joining or Starting what Remnant City and State?:


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Date of Birth:

Where are you on this Journey?

Who have you gotten to fellowship or be friends with at church?

Are you having trouble webcasting or connecting with your local fellowship? Do you have any tech questions? How can we assist you in this?

If you live out of town, have you connected with Saints that live near you or in your region?

Do you have any questions on Remnant Doctrine? Have you read the Essence of God Statement? You can read it here

What is your denominational background? Are you currently attending another church along with Remnant?

We want to serve and help you in any way possible. Is there anything you would like to share with us or any questions you would like answered?

Are your children joining with you? If yes, please list their name, birth date, email address and phone number that you would like to show up in the Remnant Directory

Is your spouse joining Remnant too? If yes, please provide their name, phone number, email and birthdate. Does your spouse have any questions? You may also encourage them to fill out their own separate form. If your spouse is not joining, is he/she aware of your desire to place membership? Is your spouse familiar with Weigh Down and/or Remnant Fellowship?