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PLEASE NOTE: The Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN is now open for in-person worship gatherings.
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For over 30 years, Gwen Shamblin Lara has been teaching parents about raising their children in love and kindness by helping parents learn how to build a connection with each child and guide them to a close relationship with their Heavenly Father. Building this connection and relationship is how Gwen raised her own children, and as parents around her started to see the fruit in her children’s lives, more and more sought out Gwen for help on how to understand their children, meet their needs and fill their hearts with a relationship with God. In addition to dozens of series geared toward adults, Gwen has produced 10 complete video series for children, plus hundreds of individual talks for parents and kids. She has also written many books, including three children’s books, and many publications for the whole family. The fruit of this has been peaceful, genuinely happy children who love their siblings and love their parents.

"Even if you feel like the world is passing you and your children by, when you choose the single-focus path, you will look up and you’ll see that God has more than kept His word, and that your children’s gifts and their relationship with God and mankind is strong and that their days are full of peace and joy. In other words, they would have grown in wisdom and stature and with favor with men and God by the hand of God."
~Gwen Shamblin Lara in “Barking at Possums” part of Feeding Children Physically and Spiritually, published in 1999

At an early age, these children are making more close friends than today’s adults can even imagine, and they are keeping these friendships for life! These friendships have no cultural boundaries -- in fact, there are families at Remnant Fellowship Church in countries around the globe who stay connected with each other and even participate in the church orchestra, fellowship gatherings, choirs and academic classes using technology such as Facetime and Skype. The classes available to the children have a wide depth and diversity. Gwen has encouraged classes on everything from engineering (taught by engineers) to animals (taught by a certified wildlife naturalist) to Bible lessons, art, history, harp, violin, ballet, scripture, strength training, Spanish, French, cooking, creative writing, and so many more – even a course in robotics taught by a Vanderbilt computer science professor.

"It is very important for parents to start being responsive to their infants’ hunger at birth, and feed on demand. As children grow, their needs change, but they are naturally in tune to their body’s needs. I have tried to stay back and let my children form their natural eating selections. I never forced foods. I provided variety. By the way, big-boned children are as normal as thin children. God made them all, and the variety is adorable. We need to rise above the worry of food and the worry of looks. Looks are so superficial. Once you know and love someone, you do not even see the outside of them. The most important rule for having normal weight children is to spend your energy on praising God first, and second—loving one another at meal times, not loving or worshiping the food."
~Gwen Shamblin Lara - Excerpt from Feeding Children Physically and Spiritually, published in 1999

Through these peaceful, love-based teachings on parenting and building the family, families are living purpose-filled, joyful lives, taking part in school activities and community events. Many of our youth are featured in concerts, plays and other community performances, as well as receiving school-based accolades and honors.

As children begin to enter the pre-teen and young teen years with this foundational upbringing, they begin to seek God out individually, for their own personal relationship with Him. At this age of confirmation, which is typically around 12 or 13, children are allowed to make their own choice to dedicate their lives to God, making the decision for themselves if they wish to accept their parents’ religion as their own religion. This decision is one they make of their own free will, and it will include baptism into the church and a dedication to strive to keep God and His will as the focal point in their lives.

"People following God's ways are saved from extremes. The fruit of following the Spirit of Christ is moderation or self-control resulting in good health."
~Gwen Shamblin Lara in “How to Feed Children” part of Feeding Children Physically and Spiritually, published in 1999

Raising children does not just stop at adolescence, as Gwen helps parents navigate their children’s teenage and young adult years with the same loving, gentle and God-focused foundation. Her instruction has helped parents to identify strengths and gifts in their children from an early age, which has allowed the children to hone in on jobs and careers that they enjoy and where they will succeed. The youth are going on to a wide variety of occupations in the community with everything from nurses, dentists, engineers, teachers, software developers, policemen, business people and so many more occupations in all walks of life—from the Governor’s office to major hospitals and top businesses. Rather than follow the world’s trends of moving away from parents, many of these young adults are choosing to remain close to family with a huge community-like support network. Rather than growing smaller, the family networks are becoming larger--and the unity, joy, peace, hope and love are priceless!

Treat babies and children kindly. Kindness begets kindness. If we are kind to our children, they in turn will show kindness to others. Jesus was attentive and kind to children—even when he was carrying out his job responsibilities of preaching and evangelism. He met their needs under all circumstances. He knew of the supreme importance of a child. Babies are very perceptive, and they respond to love and to those who are not selfish but attentive to their needs. Children will gravitate to those who are gentle and who whisper sweet, guiding words.
~Gwen Shamblin Lara "History of the One True God, Volume III - God-Fearing Families"

Guiding parents to raise God-focused, loving, caring, kind and compassionate children from birth to adulthood can be traced back to the original teachings Gwen gave beginning over 30 years ago in Memphis. The fruit of learning how to put God first and truly love your children has grown exponentially each year. As stated earlier, these results defy the world’s statistics, but they are real, and your family can experience this also! For more information, please see RF Next to learn how this is expanding even more in the next generation. You can also read written testimonies from families who have been healed by Gwen’s teachings and watch many videos about how this can work for your family!

As you spend time with your children, you learn all about them, and you see that every child is different. This is a golden opportunity to make sure your main goal is for your child to develop a relationship with God. There is no harshness in God nor Jesus Christ. There is only gentleness.
~Gwen Shamblin Lara "History of the One True God, Volume III - God-Fearing Families"

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