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David and Jennifer Martin

David and Jennifer Martin
The Martins joined the Remnant Fellowship church at its inception in March of 1999, following in the lead of the Shamblin family.  In the words of David and Jennifer, "We grew up going to church regularly, but inside we were not changing to be Christ-like, wholeheartedly in love with GOD, and we weren't walking in a life free of deliberate sins.  In fact, the opposite was slowly happening.  We were spinning our wheels in 'church activities' that were not changing us for the better in any way.  We honestly didn't really know what the TRUE definition of a sin was.  We didn't know that to be a true follower of CHRIST, we needed to lay down ALL deliberate sin and follow ALL of GOD'S commands.  This Remnant Message, given by GOD throughout the ages through His Prophets and today through Gwen, has changed all of that for us!  Martin FamilyWe've lost weight, our marriage gets better with each passing day, and we have learned how to properly raise our children in the LORD.  We now actually LOVE laying down our wills for GOD and for His saints, and we love doing anything to help further His Church.  We thank and praise GOD for this beautiful Message.  We have love, joy, happiness, and peace in our lives...first with GOD and then with each other..because of it."  David and Jennifer have been married since 1992 and have five children, including two girls (Ashton and Avery) and three boys (Addison, Aiden, and Aaron).

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Jennifer Martin and David Martin