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David and Jennifer Martin

In March of 1999, we were honored to follow the lead of the Shamblin family as the Remnant Fellowship Church was founded. We (David and Jennifer) grew up going to church, but we were becoming more and more comfortable with a teaching that is now the predominant message throughout the modern church…which says that Christians should “do the best that they can, but you can never REALLY lay down sin. After all, that’s what Jesus died for – to cover our continued sinning! That’s grace!” When you listen to something for long enough, you eventually “give in” and go along with the prevailing, repeated, (temporary) feel-good line of thinking, and your actions follow accordingly. What we learned is that there isn’t any true joy in that teaching or way of life. There’s no overcoming…no victories…no real relationship with God. You just “accept” that you’ll never really have any way to measure whether you are living righteously or not. You don’t have any way of knowing if your precious children will want any part of God or the church…or if they’ll just want to mix in with the world. That line of thinking and path for living is hopeLESS. It’s so depressing to even think about. So…we praise GOD Almighty for what Gwen has taught and continues to teach! Since we were introduced originally to WeighDown Ministries in 1998, this message of “We CAN live for God… We MUST live for God… And here’s HOW to live for God”…has produced so much good fruit that it’s difficult to list it all out! Each year of our marriage gets BETTER. Our children have a relationship with God and they WANT to be near us as parents. Our finances have been restored. We have learned to STOP sinning, and the amazing and cool result of doing that…is that this Remnant Fellowship Church is FULL of people who can say the same thing! Where can you go in this world where you can say that you know…and are friends with…and get along with…and you can trust…more than 1,800 people (as of February 2017)? What organization can say that putting their principles into practice literally changes – for the BETTER – EVERYTHING about your life and your family’s lives? We can humbly say that there is NO part of our lives that isn’t 100 percent better and more in line with God because of what we are learning and living out here. There’s no price tag that can be placed upon that. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude. And so…we (David and Jennifer) have been married since 1992, and we have five children (two girls – Ashton and Avery, three boys – Addison, Aiden, and Aaron) who are being raised in this beautiful place. We have increasing-every-day amounts of love, joy, and peace in our family. We have incredible happiness in the present…and unending hope for the future! We praise God for this message, Ministry, and Church, and we cannot fathom a life without it!

- David & Jennifer Martin

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