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Kent and Regina Smith

Kent SmithKent and Regina Smith - Remnant FellowshipI have been a member of Remnant Fellowship Church since September of 2000, and a Leader since 2004.   A part of my Leadership responsibilities include organizing and overseeing the ushers and greeters for weekly assemblies, Festivals and other church-related events held at our facility in Brentwood.

I have been married since 1984.  My wife, Regina, and I have four children.
Through the teaching and ministry that Gwen Shamblin faithfully established through obedience to God, I have given my life completely over to living for God. This teaching has led to a true change and increased love and purity that has impacted me, my wife, my marriage and my children. 

It is my humble honor to serve with the Godly leadership that God has established at Remnant Fellowship Church.