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David and Anique Leaman

We are David and Anique Leaman. We are originally from Marion Ohio and we have been members of Remnant Fellowship since 2002, joining after taking a Weigh Down Advanced class. We have four children, 3 of them married and so far have been blessed with four grandbabies. Our last child is engaged to be married and we are blessed beyond belief!!! Through Weigh Down Anique lost all of the excess baby weight she thought that she would never lose and I have lost 30 pounds that I never even thought I had to lose! Even though neither one of our weight gains looked extreme, God allowed it to be uncomfortable enough to get our attention and when we learned that greed in our hearts was the cause of the extra weight we soon began searching our hearts (looking inward) to rid ourselves of the greed and any other stronghold/sin that was uncovered in our heart. The fear of God became real and the scriptures came alive as we dove in to them with new eyes. We had attended church after church searching for LIFE. We had a lot of knowledge and had placed our trust in that alone (John 5:39) which is not the love for God that we were now hearing about.

Not only has this made a huge difference in my heart and my wife’s heart but we are now watching a third and fourth generation (Anique’s parents are living this too) pursue a deep relationship with God. WHAT HOPE!!! Praise God, our children have followed what has been taught to them so now as young adults they are full of peace, purpose, love for God, His Church, and others. This is not all about weight, but all about transferring our focus to God first over any created thing, loving Him with all our hearts, all our minds and all our strength! We love to get our prayers answered and a relationship with God is real when you purpose to love him and OBEY His commands. Gwen Shamblin exposed the hard teaching that you must obey, but then followed with how to do that! What seemed hard at the time has become FREEDOM as we walked it out. We tasted to see if God is good (Psalm 34:8) and found that indeed He was as we put more and more faith in Him (trusted His leads and decisions, and followed them). This foundational Biblical truth has truly set us free from the slavery to sin that we were not even aware of. We had previously been taught that we should try to obey but that we were human and so this side of heaven it was impossible, giving us a loop hole to sin, and we had become comfortable in that. God surely closed the gap on that thinking and we are forever grateful.

We are nothing special, just a family that decided in 2005 to sell it all and get closer to a whole hearted, same minded, God loving community that is living out the book of Acts so that our children would grow up seeing it in action. We are SO thankful, so humbled by God’s love for us and we pray that we live every day returning that love to Him by obeying Him and serving His Kingdom of Love.

- David and Anique Leaman