Elizabeth Hannah - Remnant Fellowship

Elizabeth Hannah

Brandon and I have been happily married since 2003... Our precious children consist of Grace, Gweneth, Gloria and Charles Grantham. My family LOVES God, and my children LOVE to get on their knees and pray every morning and night with us... All we strive for is to DO the will of God and pass that down to our children… for nothing else has blessed us more than learning the BLESSINGS that come from obedience to God!! Brandon and I help to oversee and direct the Youth Group at the church. We have an AWESOME Youth Group that LOVES to meet and talk about God and what we can be doing better!! We meet every Saturday Night and the kids always testify to their amazing relationships with God. It is so inspiring to be around children and young adults who love God and live to obey Him whole-heartedly! We are so blessed!

My mother, Gwen Shamblin Lara, founded the Weigh Down Ministries and continues to live and speak for God alone. I love her dearly... She is the Genuine Article that truly puts GOD first in every aspect of her life. My family pulled out with the Martin Family in 1999 to start the Remnant Fellowship Church... We all felt God's lead and calling to found a church based on purity and "God's Will Be Done on this earth as it is done in Heaven"... a place where God would get to rule, Leaders are PURE, and where Husbands are kind like Christ, women are submissive, and children obey their parents and find HAPPINESS in doing so.... A place where we could lay down our addictions and worldly desires and be FREE to love only God... We pulled out to see if that kind of church could really exist… and we have found that it CAN be done – and it IS being done here at Remnant!!  Our church has been highly blessed for putting God first above ourselves... The children could not be happier!! (And praise God, they will not have to be addicted to the things that our generation has had to come out of! We have actually FOUND FREEDOM!! ...We are all HAPPIER on a daily basis for putting our worldly desires behind us and focusing rather on HIS Kingdom here on earth.  People in our church have laid down cigarettes, anti-depressants, pride, over-shopping, over-drinking, over-eating, sexual lusts, etc... Our church alone has a combined weight loss of 30,000 pounds!!! That's a lot of GREED that has been laid down! 

I praise God daily for getting to find this TRUTH… and to have a CHURCH full of Saints that LOVE God and want to serve Him whole-heartedly!!

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