Members of Remnant Fellowship since 2005, Derek and Shae met at the church and were married in 2008. They currently have three children and live in Brentwood, TN.

Every aspect of our lives has been changed for the better as a result of putting these teachings of love for God first (Matthew 22:37) and saying no to sin (Titus 2:11) into practice.
Just out of college, Shae was looking for a weight loss program and found copy of The Weigh Down Diet book in a local book store. Shae says: “I grew up going to church my entire life, seeking God and wanting God, yet by college I was completely empty. I would see others who looked like they had a relationship with God and were joyful and wonder why I didn't have that too. I would go out to my car at night and cry, asking God why my prayers didn't get answered and why I was so depressed. It was then that God led me to Weigh Down and the Remnant Fellowship Church. When I saw Gwen speak for the first time and saw her love for God, I wanted what she had. And by listening to her, I learned HOW to have it! Putting her words into practice, and the words we hear at Remnant Fellowship weekly, has completely changed my life. Life is so full now of joy and answered prayers and peace. I love getting to pass down to my children what we have been taught so that they do not have to experience the pain and emptiness that I did. There is so much love and joy within our family as we live each day with a purpose now, to serve God, His Kingdom, and take care of His children. It is a fun life!”

Originally from central Oklahoma, Derek was college age when he joined the Church after visiting Nashville for a weekend in November of 2005. “I was blown away by the youth. I grew up in churches and helped lead youth groups. I was used to youth members who acted one way when their parents were around and another when left alone. I was amazed when I met one example after another of pure-hearted young people who acted appropriately in every situation. There was no judgment, no gossip, no disrespect, no inappropriate joking… It was obvious that something was different about this church and that the teachings had produced good fruit throughout the entire Remnant Fellowship youth group. As I began listening to the messages, each one brought personal conviction and I was taught to focus on getting my heart right. Every aspect of my life has been changed for the better as a result of putting these teachings of love for God first (Matthew 22:37) and saying no to sin (Titus 2:11) into practice.“

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