Members of Remnant Fellowship since 1999, Jonathan and Jessica met and married here in 2002. They currently have three children and reside in Brentwood, TN.

As a high-school aged youth, Jess joined Remnant Fellowship in May of 1999 after church-hopping and searching for answers to get her life on a better track. She had enough of the mainstream message that says, "You are too hard on yourself, at least you are not doing this and this,"and was ready for a real change to end the life of guilt that comes from lying, greed and selfishness. She shares, "Hearing Gwen Shamblin read from the Bible was like hearing and reading it with completely new ears and eyes. She read it out of genuine love for God first, no legalism, and it made all the difference! Every question I had was answered out of the Bible, and not just one verse…I was shown passage after passage and chapter after chapter! I learned for the first time how to take conviction from God’s Spirit, how to look to the plumb line of Jesus Christ and follow his example and love for God, and how to identify what God considered a sin (not what man conveniently picked and chose) and most importantly how to overcome those vices, which resulted in an amazing peaceful and blessed life with answered prayers!"
A senior in college, Jonathan joined the Church in the fall of 2000 after meeting several of the Remnant Fellowship youth, seeing a difference in the way they lived their daily lives, and ready for a change as well. He shares, "I had a lot of sin and pain earlier in my life. Even though I had grown up in church since a young child, I did not have a relationship with God, and it seemed like I got further from Him as I got older. My heart had been full of pride, greed, lust, selfishness, and a love for the world. I needed hope and a chance to change. God allowed me to find Remnant Fellowship - I had never been convicted to change like the first time I heard Gwen speak. I felt hope for the first time. The members had so much love for God and one another. And they showed love to me like I had never experienced. I learned in Remnant Fellowship how to truly love God with all my heart and to lay down a sinful way of living that had been so destructive in my life. This wholehearted love for God changed every part of my life for the better."
This is a place of hope - for now and eternity! We have experienced ourselves and witnessed in countless others' lives the incredible results of the clear teaching taught here.
Both natives of Nashville, Jonathan and Jess were married in the Church in June of 2002 and now have 3 children (Arden, William, and Reed). They credit the truth taught through Gwen Shamblin for their strong marriage, joy-filled home, and blessed careers. Jonathan helps lead the Youth Group at the Church, and the whole family finds it a great honor to be involved with the service and activities of the Remnant Youth Group, especially now that their three children can look up to the example of the pure, God-focused youth members. They shared, "This is a place of hope – for now and eternity! We have experienced ourselves and witnessed in countless others’ lives the incredible results of the clear teaching taught here. Every member has a story of what God has done in their lives and how they are growing closer to God and Jesus Christ every day! The world needs to hear this, and this should be on the front page of every news source – yet we each had to seek, knock, dig, and put aside our preconceived notions and pride…when we did, there was a pearl of great value that has made all the difference!"

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