Member of Remnant Fellowship since 2005, Joya currently lives in Brentwood, TN and has two daughters

I can’t thank God enough for His provision, tender love and protection. I have been a member of Remnant Fellowship since 2005. My precious daughters, Lauren and Kaitlynn, have had the opportunity to grow up being taught by Gwen Lara how to love and obey God first, and it has made all the difference. We depend on God to provide all of our physical and emotional needs... and He is always so faithful to meet every need and desire in His perfect timing and way. The bond, unity, selflessness, help, encouragement and joy that is dispersed amongst the true friends I have from Remnant Fellowship, makes it so doable and encouraging to persevere thru any storm or hard time. My favorite and most hopeful attribute Gwen has taught me about God is that He is abounding in love, and love never fails.