Member of Remnant Fellowship since 2008, Naomi currently resides in Franklin, TN with her husband, Jeff and her two children and serves as a shepherding assistant.

I joined Remnant Fellowship Church in 2008 and I can’t thank God enough for allowing me to find Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church. I was born and raised in various suburbs right outside of Seattle, Washington, and throughout my entire life, I was always encouraged to go to church. I always wanted a deep and life-altering relationship with God, but I was always left empty and hurt. I was highly involved in churches and helped lead ministries, but yet, I was still full of pride, anger, hate and greed. In 2008, God allowed my amazing mother to introduce me to Remnant Fellowship!!! I didn’t know at the time what a life-changing opportunity I was just given!!

Remnant Fellowship was what my heart had been longing for my entire life. That is a bold statement that often gets met with the question, “Why?” First off, I have always been searching for a real-life example of what having a true relationship with God looked like—One that mirrors the spiritual giants in the Bible. Who through good times and bad were captivating and electrifying. There was something about them that drew people in and just made people want to be around them, but not just be around them, they drew you in and then pointed you straight back up to God and His magnificent Son, Jesus Christ. Just being around them and watching their life made you fall more in love with God. I feel like so many times in life I “thought” I found that, but as I got to know a person more I would always be let down and see more of the world in them versus Christ. Well, God allowed me to find this in the founder of Remnant Fellowship, Gwen Lara. Her example is true and has held true since I met her in 2008. 

The closer I get, the more encouraged, convicted and changed for the better I am. She is ALWAYS pointing me up to God and Jesus Christ. Then to see the way the Church operates as a whole is amazing. It truly is the Acts 2 Church. Everyone’s needs are met. The fellowship is beyond amazing and the relationships are deep. It is a brotherhood and a sisterhood like none other. It is like a little bit of Heaven on Earth. I was always going after deep relationships, and they never worked. It wasn’t until I heard Gwen Lara say that you have to go after God first and get that relationship right, and then you will naturally fall in love with what He loves, which is His people. Then I realized I had been going about it all the wrong way, and that is why I was failing miserably. Once I started making this pursuit of a love relationship with God first and imitating the Spiritual Greats on a day-to-day basis, I got the deep peace, the exuberant joy, and lasting relationships that I had only read about in The Bible, but had never seen or experienced for long periods of time. I could go on and on about the gratefulness in my heart for God allowing me to find Remnant Fellowship and find this true relationship with Him!!