One of the constant comments we hear at Remnant Fellowship from visitors is how loving, kind, and connected the families are! The Remnant is made up of almost 2000 members with some of our families covering over 4 generations! We are so blessed that our children love to stay close to their family and friends and also stay active in work and the community. Many of these families have been members for over two decades!
April 8, 2021

Meet our Members: Families – The Gormsens

In this video, you will meet long-time members Eldon and Sara Gormsen. You will hear Eldon’s story of how he was reluctant to join at first but then saw how blessed and joyful it was and now has the incredible fruit of three generations being raised in the Church. It is a beautiful life!
April 8, 2021

Meet our Members: Families – The Leamans

Does everyone join right away? What happens when someone wants to just visit for a while? In this video, you will meet David and Anique Leaman who visited for a long period of time before deciding to join. Now they have many children and grandchildren raised in the Church who are closely connected and full of love and joy for each other because of what they have learned here.
April 8, 2021

Meet our Members: Families – The Peters

Why do people move across the United States, and sometimes from other countries, to be closer to Remnant Fellowship? In this video, you will meet the Peters who decided to give up everything in California and move to Brentwood, Tennessee, to be closer to their Church and Spiritual family.
April 5, 2021

Meet our Members: Families – Kent and Regina Smith

This couple, who both work for international healthcare companies, moved to Brentwood from Oklahoma. Although they felt very connected to Church members where they lived in Oklahoma, they eventually felt God calling them to move to Brentwood. In this video, you will hear the incredible fruit of this choice and the blessings of their lives now.