Michael and Erin Shamblin - Remnant Fellowship

Michael and Erin Shamblin

My wife, Erin, and I are so grateful to be attending a church in this day-and-age that teaches the Truth! Gwen Lara has led the way in this generation by teaching true repentance, (turning from idolatry and worship of anything in this world to a complete/whole-hearted focus and worship of the One True God), and we’re honored we’ve gotten to go along and support.

God has blessed us with four children, Gabriele, Garland, Gates and Christian, who’ve been a joy to be around. And Erin, with her artistic talent, gets to assist on many of the painting/construction and product designs at Church, as well as uses her gift of counseling to help Saints. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help lead worship here at the Remnant Fellowship church in Brentwood, TN.  

Both of our lives have changed dramatically because of the Weigh Down/Remnant teachings, including both of us having lost weight and layed down addictions to substances, etc., as well as numerous internal/heart changes. We wouldn’t trade what we’ve found in this place for anything!  

God has been very generous to allow a body of believers to come together in one place, with everyone using their gifts to support one-another, and we are encouraged because we’re literally surrounded by like-minded Christians who want to give God their ALL every day. Unlike other churches we’ve attended in the past where it was almost a duty to attend, Remnant Fellowship is a place we can’t wait to get to. 

Check it out and you’ll come away spiritually filled and amazed at what God has done!